Thursday, August 12, 2010

You've Failed Me, Internet

So James McAvoy was in a British TV series back in 2004, and nobody told me. The show, called Shameless, is pretty hilarious and weirdly touching -- it's about this super white-trashy family in (I think) Manchester, and how the kids have to basically raise themselves because their dad is this raging drunk. McAvoy played the charming car-thief boyfriend of the eldest daughter.

That nobody told me about this show isn't a failure in and of itself. The vagaries of British TV mean not everything is even available here in the states (only the first 7-episode season of Shameless is available at the moment). But the fact that nobody told me there existed a James McAvoy program in which he filmed a scene where he did this?

UNFORGIVABLE! Why is this not all over the internet? You people know how I feel about James McAvoy!

Anyway, you all should give the show a look. It was written by Paul Abbott, who did the original State of Play (which is also excellent and required viewing). It's actually an ongoing series, but McAvoy only lasted the first two seasons.

Showtime is making an American version, too, with William H. Macy (as the dad), Emmy Rossum (as the daughter), and in the McAvoy role, Justin Chatwin, who you all may remember as Tom Cruise's son in War of the Worlds, but I remember as the delightful Josh Wilson, who rocked the pilot episode of Weeds and then never returned to the show again.

Anyway, James McAvoy naked but for strategically-placed roses! Internet, I am disappoint.


Anonymous said...

No one "told" you. If you are a true McAvoy fan, this should be old news to you.

RJ said...

I totally posted this on my now-comment graveyard blog last year!

I win. I love him more.

Joe Reid said...

That's cute that you think so.

Katie said...

In the link you posted to your original James McAvoy piece, someone mentioned Shameless in the looked dated to the original piece, but maybe it wasn't?

Joe Reid said...

Well, well. It must've gotten lost in the State of Play shuffle.

Regardless, I maintain that the above screencap would have brought me around right quick. I'm not letting this go, people.

Unknown said...


Adam807 said...

Clearly you should've lived with Jenn long, long ago!

Joe Reid said...

Tara: SHHH! I'm making a point!

(and also thank you for telling me; EVENTUALLY)

Anonymous said...

You've obviously never been on the James McAvoy Message Board which has a plethora of McAvoy photos, including this one. Get thee over there right now! ;)