Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Action Heroine Blog-a-thon: Giving It Up For Charly Baltimore


So the last time I pitched in for one of Nat's blog-a-thons, I enthused about one of my favorite good-bad movies. This time is no different. Like it is every weekend, somewhere, The Long Kiss Goodnight was on cable this weekend, which gave me the opportunity to revel in its divine schlock once again. The pic below is of recently un-amnesia'd assassin and spy Charly Baltimore right after she eluded her pursuers by strapping on a found pair of figure skates, gliding across a frozen pond with the grace of Katarina Witt, and launching a few dozen rounds into their pursuing automobile.

This was also probably the last time I really enjoyed Geena Davis onscreen -- aside from that wickedly funny Golden Globe acceptance speech a couple years ago -- and I'm not even sure if she's displaying good acting so much as a willingness to just go with the flow. Her husband was directing after all.

And even though this is supposed to focus on the action heroines, I need to give props to one of my very favorite Brian Cox screen appearances. If only for this impeccably-delivered line of dialogue:

"You failed to complete your mission, electing instead to die, of all things, despite clear orders to the contrary. And dead you remained until, without preamble, you re-emerge eight years later and a good deal frumpier."

It's the intonation on "frumpier" that sells it, which means you'll have to watch the movie yourselves to get the full benefit. Or wait until it's on TBS again.


StickyKeys said...

For the longest time Jacob confused me because I always thought he was going on about Charli Baltimore who actually had many of the same life experiences.

Still, good pick.


you know... i expected a lot of Ripley and Sarah Conner but Charli Baltimore got more posts than Sarah! ;)

fun read that movie is so insane

mike weber/fairportfan said...

Minor nit pick - not "found" skates - they were here. From her very own home.

There's no way Genna Davis is gonna pick up a random pair of skates and get them on her feet.

Joe R. said...

Yes, that would have made the movie preposterous. Heh.Thanks for the correction, though. I should have remembered that.