Monday, February 18, 2013

Low Res 2012 Movie Awards: The Trailers

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Anna Karenina 
Cloud Atlas 
For a Good Time Call 
Snow White and the Huntsman

Good group of trailers this year! I already felt bad about leaving out excellent trailers for How to Survive a Plague and Les Miserables.

Already by this time last year, the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer was making promises that the movie itself couldn't keep. I guess pacing can't help be better at two minutes than two hours.

Similarly, my love for the preview clip for Prometheus far outpaces my affection for the finished product. Both this and Snow White represent the Inception-baiting trend in movie trailer this year, but Prometheus took things to a maddening crescendo, and Noomi Rapace's "We were SO WRONG" didn't become a meme for no reason.

For a Good Time, Call wasn't breaking any ground, but it made best use of M.I.A.'s "Bad Girls," out of all the movies that tried to employ that song this year, and it was also the film that benefitted most from the red-band-trailer strategy.

Cloud Atlas took a chance with a five-plus minute super-trailer that still felt like it was only scratching the surface of the places the film would go. But what a masterful choice to employ M83 for the latter half as things built to a chills-inducing crescendo.

Same thing with Anna Karenina, really, which built and built to the point where I was about to throw myself in front of a train in a fit of frenzied ecstasy.


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