Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LowRes 2011 Movie Awards: The Trailers

The 2011 LowRes Movie Awards: 25 Amazing Moments / Best Trailers / Best Techs (Visual) / Best Techs (Audio) / Screenplays / Supporting Actor + Actress / Lead Actor + Actress / Breakthrough + Cameo + Ensemble / Top 10 Films

Not the strongest year for trailers -- already 2012 is outpacing it, with that clip for Snow White and the Huntsman alone -- but I'm happily settling on these. What they may have lacked in groundbreaking structure they made up for in some expert momentum-building.


The cold open with the head-shaving scene is smart and attention-getting and sells the movie on exactly what it should be sold on: the buddy chemistry of Rogen and JGL.

I like the detailed build through Hanna and her dad's tundra life before the whole movie breaks open. The plot twists feel genuinely shocking the first time you see it, Cate Blanchett is sold as the theme-park attraction she is, and the Chemical Bros. score is used perfectly.

My Week with Marilyn
It's probably the faintest of praise to say a trailer vastly oversold the quality of the film it represents, but there's an energy to this clip, to the spell Marilyn casts over everyone in the film, that just dissipates in the film itself. If there was something more in the film like the way the trailer splashes the stars' faces on the screen, their faces bigger and more beautiful than life, the film itself could have really been something.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Good, old-fashioned suspense-building and table-setting, immediately placing you with the Cold War spy novel contexts, laying out the rogue's gallery of well-dressed suspects, and utilizing a John Hurt statement of purpose the way God intended it.

Young Adult
Much like 50/50, this clip utilizes a cold open that gives you all the information you need, both about Mavis's sour entitlement and how the movie reflects her feelings of small-town glamour-shot-of-the-Hampton-Inn revulsion. Plus it's flat-out hilarious and that Bowie song is perfection.

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