Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Hey! Remember '90s Music: A Video Series*

*(...that I may or may not return to as often as I'd like; you know how I do.)

I get Frustrated Incorporated thinking about how much this music shaped my adolescence and now it's pretty much GONE.

See also: this fantastic list of Pearl Jam songs from 1991-1996, which really made me reconsider my generation's mistaken impression that Vitalogy sucked. Mister, it did not.


Nancy said...

Man, my generation thought Vitology was awesome. (Class of '96, by the way, as well as my husband's class of '95.) Glad you're coming around.

Remember when Winona was dating her way through all these guys?

Carrie said...

It's been too long since I've thought about Dave Pirner. My inner 16 year old just had a lovely 4 minutes - thanks!