Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer's Post-Thor Blockbusters, in Order of My Anticipation

The story of my reaction to Thor -- how at first it seemed terrible, and then it seemed like a movie that everybody would hate but I might enjoy ironically, and then people seemed to enjoy it okay and so did I -- is kind of my reaction to the 2011 summer movie season. What once seemed awful now looks promising! What once looked great now leaves me a smidge cold!

Here's where I sit with them at the moment. I'd say they're subject to change, but the more I've seen/heard about them, the more my anticipation levels have solidified. Please do comment and tell me how wrong I am.

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II
Look, it's just a fact. These movies are for me, and I am for these movies. And all the best stuff from the final book happens at the end! This could may well be two and a half hours of me fighting back tears as each and every peripheral character gets their big moment. I have a thing about endings, okay??

2. X-Men: First Class
Much like with Harry Potter, I've decided I'm through with apologizing for why I'm frothing-at-the-mouth geeked to see my beloved mutants back on the screen again. Put it this way: I'm so excited for this movie that it made me watch X-Men: The Last Stand when it was on FX last weekend, hoping it might be better than I had remembered. I won't be making that mistake again (in one of Dante's circles of hell sits Brett Ratner promising Halle Berry a more prominent role in an eternal next movie), but regardless: James McAvoy won't do me wrong.

3. Captain America: The First Avenger
I remain wary of unnerving, skinny, Benjamin Button Chris Evans in the early going, but once his chest has been pumped up to sufficiently salivating levels, I am all about the Cap'n kicking some Nazi ass. I am equally all about this sequence of shots in the trailer:

Dominic Cooper likes what he sees, people. Dom likes it. Hayley Atwell also likes:

4. The Green Lantern
This thing looked like garbage the first time I saw a trailer. But whether through attrition or through finally putting its best footage forward, I'm really warming up to the idea of this. I never realized how much Green Lantern was all about aliens! Much like with Thor, I like how this movie seems to be embracing something about comic book superheroes besides stoic crime-fighting.

5. Super 8
I don't know what the problem is, folks. Everybody else is flipping out over the trailers, over the Spielberginess, over Kyle Chandler's hair (rightly so, there). I certainly will see it, but I'm less certain that I'm going to love it. That Spielbergian triumvirate of children/pets/aliens already seems a little pre-packaged, even moreso when you consider it's another director doing his Spielberg impression.

6. Cowboys & Aliens
I like Daniel Craig as much as the next guy, and Iron Man means I can't entirely disregard Jon Favreau as a director, but if I felt a whiff of pandering in the way Super 8 is being packaged, there's a full-on stench coming from the way this movie is groveling for geek approval. Also, I'm not convinced Harrison Ford didn't legally die in 1998.

7. Cars 2
Didn't see the first one. Won't be seeing this one.

8. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Won't be seeing this one either, but also know that I will judge you if you do. What, the first two inept, ugly, lazy, stupid movies weren't enough to convince you that there are better ways to spend your air-conditioning refuge? Every time I see that shot in the trailer of that fish-lipped, functionally illiterate "actress" they got to replace Megan Fox, I want to throw actual tomatoes at the screen.


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about Super 8. I just watched the trailer the other day and came away thinking, "...So?" It looks like a Shyamalan movie.

I've only seen the first X-Men movie, but the new one looks really good to me, too. So either it's really, really good or the people who put the trailer together are geniuses.

Cars is one of my least favorite Pixar movies. You didn't miss much.

Anonymous said...

Unless Cars 2 gets some WALL-E-level reviews, I'll be avoiding that one like the plague.
And Joe, can we expect the 1 Girl 5 Gays power rankings for May to still get posted sometime soon? I'm excited to see how big of a tumble Yerxa's going to take.

jessica said...

I can't tell you how wrong you are, because I agree with you and I am never wrong (officially). Of course, I will be seeing Cars 2, but only because I have children who will force me.