Monday, May 30, 2011

"I'll Do Something Incredible That Blows God's Freakin' Mind!"

Good luck getting this out of my brain any time soon.

Dear Andrew Rannells, please win the Tony Award. Love, Joe.


Tom said...

August 18th. *giddyness*

SP said...

I live on the West Coast and don't have that much money and am still THISCLOSE to throwing caution to the wind and flying to NY just to see this show. The tappity-tapping feet on "Turn It Off" are killing/delighting me.

Kangarara said...

Angry! Angry that I have to spend a bazillion dollars to go see this b/c I live on the west side of canuckistan, but ESPECIALLY angry that he didn't win the Tony for his role. (mildly placated if it means we turrists might be able to get seats. less placated if the best play win means that seats become less available but Andrew Rannells moves on b/c he didn't win.)