Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quick Movie Reviews

I updated the sidebar last night, but if you want to talk about either Hanna or Insidious -- two excellent options if you're going out to the movies this weekend -- have at it here:

You have to be willing to let it do its thing, but I felt some serious gut-level terror watching this thing. It breaks a few cardinal rules here and there (we see something just a few more times than we should see that something), and the actors have to walk a very thin tightrope, so the performances occasionally wobble. It all seems so silly in retrospect -- like as soon as the spell is broken, you see it for the goofy shit it really was. But I really liked the way the movie doubled down once Barbara Hershey showed up.

My pal Jason at My New Plaid Pants is an asshole. He went and got his review of Hanna up first and pretty much said every single thing I was going to say about it. Except for how he still bizarrely hates Atonement, which is strange because that movie is awesome. Anyway, this is the best mainstream movie I've seen thus far this year, and I would be SHOCKED if anything released this summer tops it. Who knew Joe Wright was such a referential director? I spotted nods to Tarantino, Haneke, Fassbinder, Tykwer, and that was just on first pass. It's funny, because watching the trailer, my biggest worry was that there'd be a flashy beginning, a flashy end, and then boring middle part where Hanna lies low with a regular family. But thanks to Olivia Williams and especially young Jessica Barden, those scenes were my favorites of the movie. Well, maybe tied for favorite with everything Tom Hollander does in his sinister sportswear. Again, click on Jason's review for everything I might have had to say about Hanna before he got to it first. Particularly the stuff about Saoirse Ronan, who reminded me that I pretty much always loved her, even if I didn't know it.

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