Monday, March 21, 2011

O Bib Fortuna

I didn't know Bib Fortuna's name during this week's Extra Hot Great, which gave Tara a bit of a chance to show off. But now that I've heard it, it's been rolling in my head ever since. And really, I should've known his name -- he's one of the more memorable characters from my favorite part of any of the six Star Wars movies (i.e. the Tattooine section of Jedi).

Anyway, I had occasion to bring up ol' Bib in the context of a discussion of our favorite pop culture aliens. He wasn't one of them, but you should listen to see which aliens DID make my list.

Actually, you should just listen anyway: we talk about the new movie Paul, our favorite aliens, the Community hashtag game I created, my unexpected but very real appreciation for Sherri Shepherd, and we put the Matt Damon episode of Will & Grace up for Canon consideration. It's a good one! Go listen!

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