Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fringe Season 3, Episode 18: "Bloodline"

So here's where I apologize. Despite Fringe's move to Fridays ultimately being a good thing for the show -- it's been a ratings success and got a (fairly early) renewal for a fourth season just like I predicted it would -- it's been a terrible thing for my commitment to blog about the show on a week-to-week basis. I may overwork myself during the week, but I do enjoy my weekends (plus I feel as if we're not all here to discuss whenever I put anything up on Saturdays; better to wait til school's back in session).

But after finally catching up on Friday's episode (the last until the final four episodes of the season blaze through May sweeps), I had to get up on here, because people: THAT WAS SOME STUFF!

I'm not even sure about where I should begin, except maybe to say that between last week's Leonard Nimoy impersonation (brilliantly tiptoeing the line between hilarious send-up and blatant parody) and this wee's Easy-Bake Pregnancy, Anna Torv best be getting some hazard pay. She's been at the absolute top of her game all season, but none more so than in these last two insane weeks.

Point #2 (sorry, guys, but I feel like bullet points are all I have in me): This episode made me feel like the penultimate season of Lost, where in the span of merely one episode, I completely fell head-over-heels onto the Sawyer-and-Juliet bandwagon. Because that's pretty much where I am right now about Lincoln and Olivia. You guys! That birthing scene was so emotionally intense. Seth Gabel has been doing a great job all season (again, loved him last week as his Our World double), but he really put it into another gear this week.

Point #3: I know I say this every time there's an Alt World episode, but how can I not talk about it this week too? The way this reality has imprinted itself onto the fandom (I...can't be the only one, right?) with less than half the episodes to do so is just remarkable. Even this week, with pretty much all the cool shit happening in Our World, Team Red was able to pull the interest back to their side of the divide with a combination of massively sympathetic leads (Lincoln and Charlie), ace side characters (Liv's mom, Henry the cabbie), and a freakout of a central plot (that wonderful sped-up pregnancy). And so now we're left with the same dilemma as our heroes: how do we solve the inter-dimensional rift without destroying one of these two worlds we love so much??

Point #4: Mentat Astrid is fantastic.

Point #5: Is it just because Amy Madigan should have more to do in general that I kept waiting for her to be revealed as behind the entire kidnapping plot. I mean, I'm glad she wasn't (this situation doesn't call for a SpyMommy), but I was expecting it.

What am I missing, y'all? Talk to me about this one. What a goodamn corker.

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InfoMofo said...

Wow... I am the least observant person in the world, I didn't even realize that was Lincoln last episode.

I love the alt and past fringe episodes, but this whole baby drama came out of nowhere and didn't feel that interesting to me. Are we supposed to be empathizing with fauxlivia all of a sudden? I was rooting for the nurse, myself.

Danny said...

I hope the intro of Lincoln to "our world" implied that he'd be becoming a regular at some point. Very excited about that prospect.

I too suspected mom was behind the kidnapping (I was watching after a long night out on Friday and part of me was convinced that the nurse was actually the mom the whole time, until the end reveal with Walternate. I don't really know what Amy Madigan looks like and I was very tired.)

Joe Reid said...

I thought the blonde doctor was Amy Madigan too, at least until she spoke.

And Info: are we NOT supposed to be empathizing with Fauxlivia? I have been all along.

Moasey said...

I actually like Fauxlivia a little more than Our-livia (well that's not entirely true, but she's just as interesting and hot). Cried during the birthing scene where Lincoln professed his love. Such a good show - so happy for the renewal. Long Live fringe!

Celendra said...

Can I just preen a little that I called Fauxlivia's lil' Peter all the way back in the episode with the Observers?

At this point, I'm so conflicted about the season coming to a head. Why does one universe have to die? Can't I love them both??

Em said...

Do you think they are going to try to use that baby for Walternate's machine rather than Peter? Will they somehow speed up the baby's growth so it matures faster? This is all just crazy stuff, but I love it.

Oh, and I have also been empathizing with Fauxlivia. I love both universes.