Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grammy Observation in Progress

Don't expect many of these. The only thing I really flipped for was Mumford & Sons (who TOTALLY killed and were dressed like sexy Benjamin Walkers from Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson), though I also really liked Lady Gaga's performance.

But really, what can top this screencap of Jennifer Lopez's standing ovation for Bob Dylan?


(Thanks to Rich at FourFour for getting the screencap out on Twitter before I even knew I wanted to ask for it.)

ETA: Sorry, I'm a liar, because Nicole Kidman was just singing along to Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream," which was just the greatest thing ever. Watch the video.

ETA: Okay, #1: Nicole Kidman singing "Teenage Dream." #2: Stone-faced J-Lo. #3: Mumford & Sons. #4: Rihanna stalking up to the stage like a Disturbia zombie in an INSANE dress and sounding pretty good live which is not always a guarantee with her.

ETA: Okay, FOR REAL: 1) Kidman singing along to Katy Perry AND dancing to Mick Jagger. 2) Jennifer Lopez acting like the Bob Dylan was the court minstrel who just favored her with a song. 3) Mumford & Sons winning a billion fans and being sexy like yeah. 4) Rihanna standing there and watching Eminem burn AND later sexing up Drake with a bedazzled crotch space. 5) AND FINALLY, Arcade Fire winning Album of the Year! And performing twice! And delivering one of the best, most genuine, most exuberantly thankful acceptance speeches ever. I'm so glad I decided at the last minute to actually watch the show!


NoNo said...

Umm Joe, hello!?! I thought you were still Team Xtina!?! I didn't like her last album except for "You Lost Me' but the poor girl has been getting pounded.

Your loves are pretty much my loves. Especially, intense and sexy RiRi

Joe Reid said...

Where did I say one bad thing about Xtina? She and Jennifer Hudson were the only good things about the Aretha tribute, but to be honest, none of that segment stood out for me by the end of the night.

NoNo said...

Sorry, Joe. Sarcasm doesn't really work well through text. I just remembered how much you loved her. :-/