Monday, February 07, 2011

Double Dose of Podcast. Double Dose.

And thus marks the one and only time I will be referencing "Little Fockers" on this site. Even I feel gross.

The universe converged last night -- no, not with the Packers winning the Super Bowl (though that was nice). No, just that two podcasts were released that featured your truly.

First is my regular podcasting gig, Extra Hot Great. This week, we finally get to a proper discussion of my beloved Cougar Town, plus Friends gets put through the scrutiny of The Canon, Tara gets studious as fuck on the subject of TV jerks, and Game Time tackles horror movies. Go listen now! Subscribe via iTunes, even!

THEN, I went and guested on another Film Experience podcast, with the wonderful Nathaniel Rogers, Nick Davis, and Katey Rich. Topics included Melissa Leo's tacky ad campaign, the horror of King's Speech technical awards, and a lil' bit of Sundance to keep me from getting full on cabin fever with 2010 movies. It's great, and it's got Inception sound cues like whoa. Go listen now!

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