Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Let's Talk About Greek

Because I honestly think this week's episode --"All About Beav" -- was the best hour this show has ever done, and I need to work it out in an honest and trusting environment. But consider the following feathers in its cap:

-- It took a gimmick episode -- the "[SHOW] Through the Eyes of a Minor Character" trope that Scrubs would occasionally try, to diminishing returns -- and really made it work, both inside and outside the gimmick. Watching Beaver Gump his way around CRU would have been an enjoyable one-off curiosity. But paralleling his story with Casey -- who is feeling overwhelmed and dumb and scared and ... Beaverish in law school -- was kind of brilliant.

-- It took the pleasantly two-dimensional Beaver and made him three-dimensional without going for the easy "Oh, he's nothing like you think he is" joke. He's everything we think he is, only more, and deeper, and sweeter, and suddenly kind of sexier.

-- It re-integrated Catherine into the show, and I love Catherine. She's smart! She's neurotic! She lets Sloe Gin Fizzes go right to her head! Pairing her and Beaver together would absolutely be my favorite romantic pair on TV, except for ... well, we're getting there.

-- Heath's sister is Rebecca's pet pledge, and I have VERY high hopes for her.

-- Heath himself as a Hot Cop!

-- I can't say the Rebecca/Evan/Cappie shenanigans weren't the one pedestrian storyline in the episode. They were. But they contained more than a few moments of Cappie showing off his arms, AND they sowed the seeds of Becks dumping Evan on his smug, doesn't-he-look-like-the-Craigslist-killer ass somewhere down the line.

-- Speaking of which: Rusty dumped that awful girl Dana!

-- And best of all: they're totally making Rusty/Ashleigh happen. I feel like I wished for this so much I made it happen, like how Oprah created herself a sister with The Secret. I LOVE YOU, RASHLEIGH! Er ... ASHTY! Gotta work on that...

My take on Greek has always been that I love it most for its modesty. It's so incredibly of itself -- confident and relaxed inside its own skin, which in turn helped everything that unfolded within the show feel natural and unforced. Here was one instance where the show decided to stretch, and it really paid off. I feel like a proud older sibling. Casey Cartwright to Greek's Rusty. Well done, lil' show.


Jake D said...

Completely agree. Even though Aaron Hill was not really up to the task of carrying an episode, the return of Catherine and the dissolving of Dusty (ew) was enough to make this one of the best episodes in memory.

Why was Dana there in the first place? Poor Rusty gets given the strangest of love interests...

Anonymous said...

Just a couple of weeks ago, I started watching the series, from the very beginning, on Hulu. Like you, I think its biggest accomplishment is its comfort with itself, and like you, I LOVE Catherine. Catherine forevah! I just got through the Valentine's episode where she and Rusty go out, I'm sort of sorry to see that won't last, but at the same time, she's muhfuggin' Catherine, and she will be just fine.

mspaul said...

I was hoping you'd write something about this episode! I just love this show and am so sad that this is the last season. What about the children??!!