Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: The Year in My Own Damned Navel

First of all, yes, I know exactly how classy it is to dedicate a year-end best-of post solely to stuff I wrote myself. But as blog posts (and Facebook conversations, and tweets, my god TWEETS) become ever more fleeting, I find it valuable to mark certain highlights around here. It's not even just "Oh, wasn't that a sparkling bit of writing from ol' me" -- some of these posts are nothing more than a link to an odd video. Mostly, this is my way of marking time here on Low Res. I may not get as much time on here as I'd like, but I try to make it count. Here are fifteen instances of putting my best blog foot forward:

Low Res 2009 Movie Awards: Best Moments (01.26.10)

Bright Star Review + Screenshots (02.09.10)

Winter Olympics: Figure Skating Liveblog (w/ AB Chao) (02.16.10)

The Pride and Crushing Hard on Ben Whishaw (02.24.10)

Diablo Cody + Michaela Watkins = "Tight" (04.27.10)

Mystique Summers Madison Tells You Where She's From (05.02.10)

Commemorating the Lost Finale with -- what else? -- The Hours (05.24.10)

Commemorating the Lost Finale with Actual Discussion of the Lost Finale (05.24.10)

For One Week, I Descended Once More Into Buffy Madness (06.23.10)

My Interview with Buffy scribe Drew Z. Greenberg (07.05.10)

My Favorite Shot(s) from Angels in America (08.11.10)

Casting Lauren Gottlieb in the 4th Step Up Movie (08.12.10)

The Sluttening of Blake Lively in The Town (09.02.10)

Live-Chatting the Challenge with the Sarahs (10.13.10)

22 Short Thoughts About Burlesque (11.24.10)

Reviewing The Fighter and Its Slurry Sisters (12.13.10)


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I LOVED that Bright Star post. I'm not sure but that may have been the first post I read here (or thereabouts)...and I became a believer.

(And FYI, it's very classy.)

Robert Hamer said...

"Sluttening"...hopefully that word will catch on.