Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Loving, Learning, Sharing, Judging

New podcast today! Extra Hot Great #8: A Gypsy, a Tramp, and a Thief. (Yes, by the image on the EHG site, I guess that makes me the tramp. I can live with that.)

Among other things (Burlesque, Buffy fans, font-based wordplay), we get caught up in a discussion of Clone High, the late, lamented MTV animated show about a school full of sexy teen clones of famous historical figures. It's pretty tough to find on DVD -- I believe I had to try Amazon.ca (and thank Christ that overrated sourpuss Ramona Flowers didn't rollerblade her ass on over to my place to deliver it) to find it. But it's so completely worth it -- 13 episodes of hilarity, just waiting for you.

Anyhoo, I found out something else today as I was YouTubing for Clone High clips: the theme song -- one of the best, hookiest TV themes ever -- was sung by the band Abandoned Pools. Who I totally saw in concert once, even though I had no idea who they were, as they were opening for Flickerstick, a.k.a. the winners of the VH1 reality show Bands on the Run, which was another phenomenal TV show from the early-2000s that only lasted one perfect season!

The world is an amazing place sometimes...



Jeff Hansen said...

When I went to buy the DVD at the local HMV a few years ago, I scoured through the shelves with no luck. Saddened, I went to the cashier and asked if they had it in the back. The guy's eyes lit up, he said "Excellent choice!", and he pulled it from under the counter. I've never been prouder of a purchase than that moment.

Jeff Hansen said...

And of course, here's mine & my wife's Halloween costume this year:

Jeff Hansen said...

And now having listened to the podcast:

1) I had to stop myself from talking along with the quotes.
2) Tara is from Regina??? I feel like I should have known that before.

BeRightBack said...

You are the one who mentioned Clone High long ago and I went and found it on the internet and watched it all, every episode, and now I watch it over and over again like a loser who once seriously considered writing some Gandhi/Marie Curie fanfic just to fill the void inside.