Saturday, November 13, 2010

Best Laugh I've Had All Week

I'm not sure if I thought this week's Community was quite the miraculous benchmark for televised comedy that some of its internet champions did, but it was very funny and a huge step up from the rather dire direction the show had been heading in. A big part of that was due to the following scene, easily the funniest thing on TV all week:

Well, that and the pregnancy test box, but that was more of a visual gag. Enjoy!


Omar said...

YES. I must have watched that bit about 10 times.

Aaron C. said...

I've liked this season a little more than you, it would seem.

However, judging from Troy's over-the-top double-take this past week, I'm hoping upon hope that we're not careening down a road that leads to revisiting the Shirley/Senor Chang hook-up from the zombie episode.

There's a sentence I didn't think I'd be writing at this time a year ago.

Jeff Hansen said...


My hunch is Shirley is going to assume it's an immaculate conception, just in time for Christmas. Hopefully the Senor Chang aspects don't become too over-bearing.

Also, Hulu sucks and is biased against Canadians, and I'm not sure exactly what scene you're referring to.

Joe Reid said...

Talking about the "I'll make your ass linear!" "That doesn't make any sense." "I'll make your ass sense!" part, Jeff.