Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sometimes There Are Hot Guys*

*Or, "You'll Never Fully Appreciate the Effort It Took to Not Title This Post with a Cheesy Doctor Pun."

So after filling in on a recap last season, I've found myself back watching Grey's Anatomy again. It still manages to be remarkably solid when it's good, and of all the characters I used to find annoying, Izzy and George are now gone (I may not hate Katherine Heigl, but her character was written atrociously), and Meredith has managed to grow up a bit and not be quite so in love with her own dysfunction. McDreamy's still terrible, but on the whole it's still a major improvement.

Another major improvement? Dr. Jackson Avery, played by Jesse Williams. He spent pretty much the entire finale last year with a surgical mask over his face, so the following was quite the pleasant surprise when I started watching last month:

Not sure in what capacity executive producer Mark Gordon is responsible for this, but thanks regardless! Also: hey, pretty!

Avery managed to be hot enough that an entire storyline two weeks ago was about how incredibly, distractingly attractive he is. And who am I to argue?

And if you like what you see above but can't bring yourself to abide Grey's Anatomy (and as an added bonus you DO like frustrating projects that may or may not ever get made) you should know that Jesse is also supposed to be in that Cabin in the Woods movie that Joss Whedon keeps talking about. I hadn't been able to work up much enthusiasm for that one -- Joss projects tends to be like Tarantino movies: if they ever manage to get made rather than just talked about, I will happily watch. Until then, keep your insanely frequent updates to yourselves. But knowing that this waits for me in that cabin ...

... well, still keep your updates to yourselves. But I'm gonna watch it even harder now. (...If it ever gets made.)

[Oh, and also, apparently Jesse was in a Rihanna video recently. Which is only going to lead me to imagine them coupling up and creating a master race of brown-skinned, blue-eyed offspring who will bring the world to its knees with sheer beauty.]


The Pretentious Know it All said...

He is beautiful beyond the telling of it, no question...

And it must kill Justin Chambers (who just turned forty) to look at this kid and realize he's being "Menudo'd."

Anonymous said...

He was in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. He's creepily awesome in Rhianna's Russian Roulette. And is so so hot.

mspaul said...

And he was on Greek! He played a character aptly named The Hotness Monster before the girls found out his real name. He was in at least 2 or 3 episodes two seasons ago.