Friday, October 15, 2010


I didn't include Raising Hope in this week's TV round-up (sidebar -->>), but don't take that to mean I didn't like it. After all, it offered me thirty more minutes to love Martha Plimpton, including her singing something about a "Do-Wacka-Do."

I also watched Cujo on AMC tonight, and particularly the scene where that big-ass dog gets bit by that tiny-ass bat and started the whole tale of canine terror.

These two things then came together in my weird little brain, and in all due deference to my pal Jason's own web series of the same name, here's The Moment I Fell For ... Martha Plimpton:

...or here it would be if stupid YouTube didn't disable embedding. Anyway, go over there and watch it. Then come back here and reminisce about the first time Martha's tartness-with-a-heart style first touched you.



MissRoyalTurkey said...

For me, it was always The Goonies. Stef was much, much cooler than whiny Andie.

Also, my younger self totally shipped Stef and Mouth, which now that Corey Feldman went completely insane, disturbs me a little.

Omar said...

On Community (in the sidebar), i wasn't thinking "Armageddon" so much as "Apollo 13." It's been a while since I've seen either movie, but seemed to be going for that vibe, not the Michael Bay thing.

Joe Reid said...

After reading reviews afterwards, I think you're right. I was thrown by the stuff that Armageddon ripped off of Apollo 13, plus the fact that I never saw Apollo 13.

The Bloody Munchkin said...

In my Goonies Hierarchy, Chunk is always first, Mouth is always last and Andi is always second to last, but depending on how I'm feeling, Stef can sometimes come in second because her line reading of "I can't believe this. It's like I'm babysitting but I'm not getting paid" is pitch perfect. And let's not forget "Uhm, Brand. God put that rock there for a reason and I don't think he wants you to move it."

Love her. Also, loved her in the Goonies 20th anniversary addition DVD commentary, where she made fun of Data's "I'm wondering what is in that bag" line reading.

I've always loved her, but she cemented a place in my heart with a little movie called Samantha with Dermott Malrony for all people.

alesum said...

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