Friday, October 01, 2010

"Foods With Q for $400"

Thanks to Jason for reminding me of this scene from White Men Can't Jump, a scene that burns surprisingly brightly for a movie I only kinda liked, haven't seen in about 15 years, and stars Wesley Snipes. But it ALSO stars Rosie Perez during her career sweet spot that lasted from Do the Right Thing in 1989 and Fearless (and an Oscar nomination!) in 1993. Then she made that movie about a lottery ticket and Bridget Fonda and it all went to hell.

But today, we can enjoy Rosie dominance at obscure categories in Jeopardy. [Bonus enjoyment? Woody Harrelson's VERY 1992 line "She's in the zone!" Remember when "the zone" was some kind of ephemeral concept for athletes in the early '90s? I remember ESPN doing a whole half-hour special on Michael Jordan attaining "the zone" in an NBA Finals game. I'm pretty sure today The Zone is a diet. Anyway, enjoy Rosie!]


SarahL said...

Man, I don't even have to watch the clip. Just imaging her saying "A quince!" has me giggling like crazy.

Roommate Mark said...

Joe! This is amazing. It's like a cornucopia of 90s tidbits.

(1)As you mentioned, we get "in the zone," which is now both a diet and a moderately successful Britney Spears album. It's funny, because both of those things were trying to capitalize on the evergreen quality of "the zone" as a concept.

(2) "Boo-yah!" I love that when Woody Harrelson is excited, this is the phrase that comes most naturally to his lips. Can you imagine a scenario today in which screaming "boo-yah" would be anything less that ironic and/or hysterical?

(3) Old Jeopardy! It really makes you appreciate the technological marvels of the new game. Everything was so adorably low-rent back then.

Joe Reid said...

Of course! That Britney album! How could I have forgotten that this week especially, with the Glee episode reminding me of that gratuitous album-title-drop in the middle of "Me Against the Music"?

Aaron C. said...

Why are you pushing my buttons this early in the morning, Joe?