Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bloody Hell Yes

I need to get off my ass and see Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson on Broadway already so I can drool over this in person:

I mean:



JA said...

Give me ten minutes and I'll be able to write this guy's life story. Benjamin Walker. He was cast as The Beast aka Dr. Hank McCoy in the X-Men Muppet Babies movie but decided to do this play instead, and was replaced by itty bitty Nicholas Hoult. Also, Walker's engaged to Mamie Gummer! Also also, here he is grabbing some other guy's junk.

JA said...

Also, here.

Joslynm said...

Joe, you absolutely need to BBAJ in person. Ben Walker is dead sexy and the show is pretty brilliant.


he's my crush of the moment at TFE! ;) and he will soon be able to call Meryl Streep "Mom" ;)