Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Week in TV

30 Rock (9/23)
Best use of Jenna in a looong time. I love when they play on her sociopathic tendencies like this, especially when she plays off of Pete. I can't say the same for the Tracy/Kenneth subplot, but Liz and Jack were both winners. I like how Liz, while still loser-ish in love, was more of an active participant in her romantic stuntedness. And I do love that Matt Damon. And extended Barefoot Contessa jokes.

Community (9/23)
My huge anticipation for this show's return kind of made me forget that I was pretty dissatisfied with the last couple episodes of last season. But this was a strong premiere, with the Jeff/Britta/Annie stuff getting handled head-on but with sufficient comedy, and the least horny-grandma use of Betty White all year. On the other hand, can somebody please just give Ken Jeong his own show that I can ignore and get him off of this one?

Cougar Town (9/22)
I'm happy to see more and more people coming around to what I see in this show. The season premiere wasn't the best CT had to offer (every now and then, you can see the show, and Courteney Cox in particular, trying too hard), but the Dan/Laurie storyline was a total winner, Christa Miller continues her run as Most Improved, and the unexpected emotional payoffs are coming more frequently. Also "imaginary opera gloves" was the funniest moment on TV this week.

Glee (9/21)
Yes, last year I said that Glee would suffer a spectacular fall, and while I can't say with any confidence that that's not true (the early backlashers might actually elicit a sympathy wave), I've decided to make my peace with the show and ride it out as long as it lasts. Or I do. Anyway, there are still parts I love (Brittany; Rachel singing "A Chorus Line") and parts I don't (white-boy rapping; Mercedes), but the highs are still outnumbering the lows. I dig the new androgynous football coach (shades of Bio Glass from Popular), and Cheyenne Jackson as the new Vocal Adrenaline coach is never not going to elicit a thumbs-up. Also? Some props to my girls Quinn and Santana for an unexpectedly bracing girlfight. Glee is still a mixed bag, but it looks like it's still my mixed bag.

Raising Hope (9/21)
I almost skipped this one entirely until I heard that it featured this most excellent of Glarkware t-shirts. I'm glad I did, though, because between the Glarkware and the "Is that Bijou Phillips?", there's a sweet and weirdly funny comedy. The My Name Is Earl pedigree shows in all the best ways (for now), and I have a feeling I'm going to be singing Martha Plimpton's praises for a while.

The Event (9/20)

This one got absolutely savaged by the TV-blogging press, which came across to me as a combination of Lost-withdrawal and the general anti-NBC sentiment that pervades their ranks. But it's not like they're wrong on the merits about The Event. It does sacrifice character for a breathless juggling act designed to keep the audience guessing and rabid for answers. I doubt I could make it through a season of just this. But I can't lie -- I'm interested to see where they're going. I guess that makes me a sucker, but I at least want to know why Laura Innes has permanent sore-throat voice. ...And, you know, why the sky opened up and ate an airplane.

Boardwalk Empire (9/19)
I'm busy funnelling all my thoughts on this one into my TWoP recaps. But suffice it to say: I'm definitely onBOARD with BOARDwalk Empire! ... Oh COME ON.

Gossip Girl (9/20)
I'm definitely into Katie Cassidy and whatever she's up to (we're assuming she's on the phone with...Carter Baizen? Or was that Joanna Garcia's big secret last year?). And I actually think the baby brings an interesting dynamic to Dan and Vanessa. But I have to admit, not much else is interesting me. It doesn't help that Jenny Humphrey has been MIA. That girl better come back from Hudson with a MASSIVE social agenda.


Josh said...

I, too, thought of Bio Glass when Coach Beiste showed up on Glee. Could this mean Mary Cherry isn't far behind?

Joe Reid said...

Don't even get my hopes up. I've got a whole "Mary Cherry/Nicole bring Glamazons up against Cheerios" storyline all ready to go.

caitlin said...

Mary Cherry and Nicole Julian back on my TV would make me the happiest person alive. I totally thought of that when I saw the new Bio Glass-y coach. At the very least, why the hell doesn't Leslie Grossman have her own show, even if it's not The Mary Cherry Show??

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Did you give up on Parenthood Joe? I started watching this season (partly due to your love) and I'm liking it to so far.

I had to chuckle when you said you still don't like Mercedes, I loathe her. Glee's premiere was good enough, loved Rachel's solo (well everything Rachel really, I'm actually coming around on Finn), Santana and Quinn were kind of golden (though I still don't care for Quinn). Didn't love it all, but I'm satisfied.

(And Ken Jeong? I CONCUR!)

sb said...

My epic plan for bringing Mary Cherry to the world of Glee involves her marrying the owner of the Sheets 'n Things empire and becoming Terri's new boss because her husband wants her to see "the value of real work." Nicole, obviously, is her assistant, and inappropriately hits on Puck and Finn, who are still working there. She and Terri team up to terrorize Howard Bamboo, too. And Sandy Ryerson shows up sometimes.

I may conceive this as a half-hour, single-camera spin-off called "Mary Cherry and Terri."

Joe Reid said...

Andrew: Still totally on the P-hood train, I just haven't seen this week's episode yet.

sb: SHEETS N THINGS! I love any idea that incorporates SHEETS N THINGS. Perhaps Cherry Cherry acquired it in a corporate merger and sent MC to manage?

Stephanie said...

@sb: I would watch the shit out of that show.