Thursday, September 09, 2010

Two Links

Roommate Mark and I got together for one of our shared projects today on the subject of those weird forgotten '80s movies that nobody can even envision in their heads anymore.

Yet it’s not like this was some obscure Malaysian film that was filled with first-time performers.The plot follows a steelworker who has an affair with a waitress, and Gene Hackman plays the steelworker while Ann-Margaret plays the waitress. Meanwhile, Ally Sheedy, who’s also in the movie, was riding high on WarGames, The Breakfast Club, and St. Elmo’s Fire at the time. Plus, Paul McCartney wrote and performed the theme song.

In other words, this is a movie with clout. Yet it has completely vanished from the cultural radar. I’ve looked in several places on the internet, and I can’t even find a plot summary thorough enough to explain Amy Madigan’s role, and she’s the one with the damn Oscar nomination. I’ll bet if you asked 50 people on the street, only one of them (at most) would even have a vague idea of what this movie is, and that’s because we live in New York, which is filled with people who make their living by knowing about movies. If you went to Boston or Winnetka or Savannah, I bet you’d have to ask 200 people before you found someone who knew that Twice in a Lifetime was an Oscar-worthy film from the 80s and not next week’s Lifetime flick about Tiffani Thiessen falling into scandalous love with her dead husband’s twin brother.

That's Mark. He's got a way with words. For the full scope of our discussion, click on over to The Critical Condition.

Also, Aaron Cameron and I are back for another season of picking NFL games. I'm no longer foolish enough to imagine that my readers have any interest in talking pro football, but I'll throw the link up here every week, and you can holler back at Cam and I over on his blog. WEEK 1 PICKS BEGIN HERE. (We've currently got tonight's game written up; we'll have Sunday's games previewed by the weekend.)

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jessica said...

Dang, Joe. This year I actually have 10 fantasy teams going. I'll read the picks over on Cam's blog if you promise to remind me they're there. (Yes, I know I should set up Google Reader.)