Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Trailer Trash Week: Welcome to the Rileys

Note: I'm kind of stealing this idea from Roommate Mark, except in my defense, A) I was planning on doing one giant Trailer Trash post and it got too long, and B) um...I don't have a second defense. Basically, we're in the middle of a glut of fall movie trailers, and what am I here for if not to pontificate about them? Not all of these trailers are brand-new, but I came across them while looking up the slate of fall movies.

Welcome to the Rileys
So...we've seen this movie before, right? The grieving parents who can't communicate, and the troubled stripper, and the old guy/young girl slightly-creepy-if-benign paternal relationship. Maybe not all in the same movie, but these are familiar tropes. Not to mention Kristen Stewart doing her Kristen Stewart thing (which: honestly? When she's not playing Bella Swan, I kind of like her). And in reference to Kevin Costner and accents that should not be attempted, can I introduce you to James Gandolfini's southern drawl? Stop that, James.

That all being said, this was very well-received at Sundance, from what I hear. And I can see Gandolfini and Stewart acting the shit out of each other. But what this trailer most has me interested in Melissa Leo, who -- despite seeming to have an accent issue of her own, somewhere around the area of Biloxi, Minnesota -- appears to be teetering uncomfortably on the fringes of what's usually expected in this kind of role. I like that. If there's anything about this movie that ends up being more than the sum of its well-traveled parts, my bet is it'll be her.

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