Friday, September 03, 2010

Trailer Trash Week: Made in Dagenham

Note: I'm kind of stealing this idea from Roommate Mark, except in my defense, A) I was planning on doing one giant Trailer Trash post and it got too long, and B) um...I don't have a second defense. Basically, we're in the middle of a glut of fall movie trailers, and what am I here for if not to pontificate about them? Not all of these trailers are brand-new, but I came across them while looking up the slate of fall movies.

Made in Dagenham
Oh, the United Kingdom, I could kiss you sometimes. How you manage to make even the most stock movie plots -- in this case, the crusading Norma Rae, North Country inspiring true feminist story -- seem fresh simply by injecting some bright British charm.

This one looks to be making a stab at a kind of Full Monty-style Oscar push, and if Academy voters feel any kind of residual guilt for leaving Sally Hawkins off their Best Actress ballot two years ago, it could pay off. She certainly seems to be combining the striving speechifying that the role requires with her own cheerful enthusiasm.

Also of note in this trailer: Miranda Richardson, continuing her semi-comeback (I do believe she'll get something interesting to do on Rubicon...someday); Rosamund Pike, fresh off her award-worthy work on An Education; and Low Res rising star Andrea Riseborough, who is all of a sudden in everything this fall. Make me a prophet, girl.

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