Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some Stuff I Thought During "Jurassic Park: The Musical"

Jurassic Park the Musical Part 1 from Mark Hennings on Vimeo.

Jurassic Park the Musical Part 2 from Mark Hennings on Vimeo.

Jurassic Park the Musical Part 3 from Mark Hennings on Vimeo.

1) I really wasted my college years. All those hours spent studying and working part-time jobs and waiting for dialup internet to connect could not possibly add up to anything better than this production right here.

2) I have watched Jurassic Park a lot. Like, a LOT. Enough to get every halfway-obscure reference in this thing, from "hold on to your butts" to "Clever girl." I certainly got those references quicker than I got the Sweeney Todd reference. Sad (?).

3) The guy who plays Alan Grant is cute. Like, really cute.

4) I know everything rides the line of purposefully shaggy, but a couple of those songs ended up pretty catchy. "I Love Dinosaurs (And You, Dr. Grant)" is kind of impressive, and I will probably never hear the Jurassic theme again without hearing "Welcome tooooo Juraaaaassic Paaaark!" And I'm dying to hear what "Raptors in the Kitchen" would sound like if they actually executed it well.

5) Seriously: wasted my entire college experience. God damn it.

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Tracy said...

Now that I have lyrics to sing to it, I will never get the Jurassic Park theme out of my head.