Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Message From Brunette Olivia

Remember that TV poll for what Low Res should cover this season? Your winner was FRINGE! Which kicks off its third season THIS THURSDAY. Remember to watch it, and I will endeavor to get a post up by Friday morning. See you there!

In the meantime, the Sidebar has been FULLY updated, for the first time in forever. Check it out and feel free to comment back here.


Carrie said...

Oh, praise baby Jesus - I'm not sure if I'm more excited that it's "Fringe" (Pacey!) or that it's not "Glee."

Joe Reid said...

Well I won't be writing "not-Glee" posts, so be excited it's Fringe.

Kris McN said...

*claps hands while bouncing up and down*

Yay! So looking forward to this.


p.s. Coach Biest is my new favorite character of the first half of the first week of the fall season.

Jenn said...

I loved Coach Bieste, too. And I'm glad Charice isn't going to be a regular, because yes, girl can sing, but her "acting" is just horrible. I thought the episode was really uneven, but that was my problem with a number of episodes last season. I'm worried about the number of themed episodes they're going to do this season, and the number of guest stars. I mean, Gwyneth Paltrow? Why?

I really liked "The Event." Great cast, fast-paced pilot, and something that will make me think.

Carrie said...

I was Glee's biggest fan following the airing of its pilot in spring '09, but then every episode of the season itself ended up being, "X is quitting! But then they don't!" or "Glee is disbanded! But then it's not!", to the detriment of actual story arcs, character development, etc. So, more than anything, I resent it for breaking my heart. Heh.