Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trailer Trash Week: The Company Men

Note: I'm kind of stealing this idea from Roommate Mark, except in my defense, A) I was planning on doing one giant Trailer Trash post and it got too long, and B) um...I don't have a second defense. Basically, we're in the middle of a glut of fall movie trailers, and what am I here for if not to pontificate about them? Not all of these trailers are brand-new, but I came across them while looking up the slate of fall movies.

The Company Men
Okay, first of all, let's get this out of the way: this trailer gives away WAY too much of the movie. I know it's the most common complaint about movie trailers, but as the good ones get better and better about keeping an air of mystery (see the above two clips) it becomes less and less excusable for the rest of them to give away the farm.

That said, on to the strange push/pull of this particular movie. I know nobody wants to watch movies (or read books, Mr. Franzen) about the plight of white men anymore, but this story of older men losing their jobs as the merciless realities of this economy come crashing around their ears hits me right at home. Right at home. I may not have loved Up in the Air, but those moments where the real-life people talked about getting laid off had me legit crying in my seat. I can't imagine Chris Cooper is going to be any less affecting. But that's my issue. Not everyone will share it. And Cooper's only one-third of this movie, at best.

In the lead, we have Ben Affleck, who has unfortunately allowed the recent erosion of the public backlash against to convince him that it's time to headline serious dramas again. And speaking of bad decisions, I give you Kevin Costner returning to his Thirteen Days New England accent. No, really, I give it to you. TAKE IT.

Back on the bright side, however, is Rosemarie DeWiit, who may be trapped in Affleckistan, and who may have been cast in the most stock Supportive Wife role since Renee Zellweger leaned against her door jamb and watched Russell Crowe box for two hours in Cinderella Man, But God damn it, when she grabs Ben's face and tells him "You have me!" I want him to BELIEVE IT!

Anyway, I'm sure this movie is destined to be typical manipulative red meat to middle-class white America, but my terrible secret is that I grew up in middle-class white America so fine.

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