Monday, August 30, 2010

Trailer Trash Week: 127 Hours and Black Swan

Note: I'm kind of stealing this idea from Roommate Mark, except in my defense, A) I was planning on doing one giant Trailer Trash post and it got too long, and B) um...I don't have a second defense. Basically, we're in the middle of a glut of fall movie trailers, and what am I here for if not to pontificate about them? Not all of these trailers are brand-new, but I came across them while looking up the slate of fall movies.

127 Hours
This clip confirmed what I already suspected about Danny Boyle's film about the true-life tale of Aron Ralston: the degree of difficulty is going to be steep. But thus far, from what I've seen, I like the choices Boyle is making. Ralston is looking like a difficult character to latch onto -- thrill-seeking jackass and all -- but I think James Franco's real-life persona actually makes that character more palatable. I've already learned to accept Franco's artsy pretensions and like him anyway. It's like he's been galvanized. I also am already kind of in love with the visual design, with all those aggressive primary colors and the inviting-yet-threatening nature.

Black Swan
So, you know my thing with Darren Aronofsky, right? He's yet to make a movie that I haven't found to be excellent. His four movies have, in order, ended up as my eighth, third, seventh, and second favorite movies of their respective years. And he's married to Rachel Weisz! What's not to love?

Anyway: this movie! Holy eff! Not only does this movie look like a total psychological freakout, but it offers me the best chance for my girl Natalie Portman to knock one out again. It's been six years since Closer, and considering the dearth of great performances since then, it seems even longer. I can honestly say that anywhere between 15 and 55% of my active consciousness is obsessed with what's behind Natalie pulling that baby feather out of her back. This movie can't come fast enough.

Here's my one caveat: Mila Kunis's character has to be real. She can't be a figment of Natalie's tortured psyche; she can't be Natalie's alternate personality. I have faith in Aronofsky not to do that, but...still.

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