Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Let's Watch Some TV

You guys! Fall TV season is almost upon us! Somebody give me some oxygen! ...Actually, I'm in the unfamiliar position of having to fake enthusiasm about new TV, because this year's crop of debut series looks awfully underwhelming.

That said, even with a listless freshman class, there are still plenty of great TV shows I'm psyched for this fall. But I wanted to do something different here on Low Res. I'm finding it harder and harder to stay current on TV and talk about it on the blog. Shows get time-shifted or stockpiled on the DVR (for the second straight season, I saved almost the entire season of Fringe for the summer months; I still have to catch up on Justified), and I forever seem to be an episode behind. So I decided: I will have ONE show that I cover here on the blog. Next-day posts, serious analysis, (hopefully) robust comment discussions, it'll be like a real live TV blog.

The question of what TV show to choose comes down to you guys. Obviously, if I'm picking one show, I want it to be something we can all dig into and pick apart and enjoy. I'd like it to be an hourlong drama; I find it harder to write about sitcoms with any kind of depth, and there's less to dig into with reality shows. Here are the shows I've narrowed it down to:

Lonestar (Mondays / 9PM / FOX)
Pros: One of the more critically-praised pilots on the fall slate; Friday Night Lights' Adrianne Palicki; cute guys.
Cons: Time slot competition (The Event; Gossip Girl); possibility that ratings will tank and it'll get pulled; Jon Voight.

Boardwalk Empire (Sundays / 9PM / HBO)
Pros: Looks AH-mazing; cast includes Kelly MacDonald; will be one of THE shows people will be talking about this fall.
Cons: Could be dense; might be one of those shows people like to stockpile and watch in chunks.

Glee (Tuesdays / 8PM / FOX)
Pros: We know it, we (mostly) love it, we already love talking about it.
Cons: Examining this show with any depth might be harmful to my appreciation of it, particularly as we prepare to enter the inevitable sophomore slump.

Parenthood (Tuesdays / 10PM / NBC)
Pros: It's supplanted Brothers & Sisters as my unambitious, likeable family dramady; Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman are doing great things; characters I love AND characters who annoy me could make for some fun posts.
Cons: Though I do expect the show to make a leap this season, it doesn't feel like too many people are watching this.

Fringe (Thursdays / 9PM / FOX)
Pros: After watching the end of Season 2, there is NO WAY I'm waiting til next summer to watch; I have a feeling writing about this show every week could make it even better.
Cons: Writing about this show into a vacuum could be really boring; I'd have to count on you guys to bring it in the comments.

The Event (Mondays / 9PM / NBC)
Pros: Fun mystery concept; could be fun to try and unravel central mystery.
Cons: It could go the Flash Forward route, and I'd lose interest after an episode and a half; time-slot competition (Lonestar; Gossip Girl).

My Generation (Thursdays / 8PM / ABC)
Pros: Young, attractive cast; semi-inventive premise.
Cons: Not exactly sure it's going to be good. Time-slot competition (Community/30 Rock; Vampire Diaries).

Please vote for the show you'd most like me to cover here. You can vote for multiple shows if you'd like.


Danny said...

Glee all the way. Its glaring inconsistencies are begging for some intelligent discussion, and your sidebar blurbs aren't enough! This'll be worth it for your thoughts on the Heather/Britney episode alone.

Nora said...

I would love to see you do Parenthood or Lonestar, mainly because, my goodness, I can read about Glee on every web site ever created.

TravisN said...

Good idea, Mr. Reid (focus on one show in depth).

I would second the plea to avoid Glee -- because Glee covereage can be read pretty much everywhere. Pick something that's just a little more niche.

CT said...

I third avoiding GLEE. I'm feeling oversaturated on it. It's not MAD MEN, for fuck's sake. :-)

Joe Reid said...

I hear you on the oversaturation thing, but while I don't have anything approaching a credo, if I did, I think it would be something like "A thing doesn't have to be high art to deserve serious thought." But more elegant-like. You know what I mean.

JA said...

Come on dude. Olivia's Multi-dimensional Tribal Tattoo isn't going to discuss itself.

Joe Reid said...

Not to mention that hot alterna-boyfriend of hers that we know nothing about yet.


ugh i HATE Fringe. I tried to watch it because so many people who have similar tv taste to me love it but it struck me as basically L&O, CSI with a supernatural overlay. WAY TOO MUCH EXPOSITION.


anyway. I voted for Boardwalk Empire and i was actually going to send you an email that said "you haven't updated your tv sidebars since MAY!

Joe Reid said...

I know, I know. I actually haven't watched much summer TV at all (at least by my standards). And what I have been watching is either fun-but-disposable (Big Brother, Real Housewives of New Jersey, White Collar, Rachel Zoe) or already being commented on to death by everybody else (Mad Men; True Blood).

sb said...

Oh. Oh, Glee is leading the poll right now, but I would like to fourth you not covering it. Not because I'm over-saturated on coverage; it's really for your own good. I love the show, but I can't think about it too hard or else I realize the many things it does very wrong that it doesn't need to and it bums me out. I'd hate for your enjoyment of the goofy teen musical comedy to be diminished because of your analysis of it.

(I suppose this plea is also for MY own good, seeing as I will actively avoid posts about Glee, so that *I* don't think too hard about it.)

Kris McN said...

Another no-Glee-er (same reasons: it's everywhere and I don't want to think about it too hard). I just watched the season 2 finale of Fringe LAST NIGHT and I have OPINIONS and I want to talk about it and everyone's like welcome to August, Kris, where that season finale is 3. months. old.

Basically, anything not on HBO. What, I don't have cable, all right?! I live in a cave. A cave with very good HD reception from the antenna in the tree next to my house. And Comcast is like Walternate: manipulative, evil, and fucking over Olivia (probably).

Jon said...

For purely selfish reasons, I would also be happy if you left Glee alone. Because I don't think my ego could take the competition.

Claire said...

My Generation was a show that I was all prepared not to care about, and then I found out that the son of my program director from a study abroad program is in it. So now I suppose I'll be watching it, especially since it turns out he is very hot.

I would 100% support you posting about Fringe. It needs more love.

Melissa said...

I voted for Lonestar because, well, it's like the one new show I'm actually looking forward to, but I'm worried that if it is cancelled in short order we won't have anything to talk about the rest of the season. If that were to happen, could we get you to cover a mid-season replacement show in it's place?

Joe Reid said...

Yes. If whatever show gets picked is prematurely cancelled, I'll pick up another show.

CT said...

Joe, you're right. I was obviously cranky this morning. I agree completely that something doesn't have to be high art to deserve serious thought.

I think sb said what I meant (MUCH better than me, obvs), in that when I think to hard or too much about GLEE, I hate it. And I really don't want to hate GLEE.


jessica said...

I think Parenthood is a good choice. Not likely to get cancelled, has some really stellar and really frustrating aspects, and moves easily between the funny/heartwrenching spectrum. I don't know how many of your readers watch it, but it's a good solid show.

Anonymous said...

parenthood! i havent seen commentary on it anywhere and am dying for other peoples thoughts.