Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Spy...

Is the cute, Keira-Knightley-obsessed, sign-holding, admittedly best-friend-screwing-over guy from Love Actually going to be the lead in AMC's upcoming zombie (mini?)series The Walking Dead? A quick trip to IMDb says it is!

Why hello, Andrew Lincoln. I'd been wondering what became of you, considering pretty much everybody in Love, Actually who wasn't already wonderfully famous went on to become wonderfully famous (including your storyline partners Keira and Chiwetel Ejiofor). Now you're fending off zombies on a show that starts off looking like a criminally blunt 28 Days Later ripoff but goes on to suggest an emotional, immersive account of life among the undead. Count me in!



JA said...


Joe Reid said...

I can't possibly see how I'm supposed to be able to distinguish one naked ass from all the others on your site.

Jeff Hansen said...

Not that I needed any more reason to watch the Walking Dead, but woo Love Actually!

Vance said...

He IS!???
Oh NOW im interested!

I've been catching up with BBC's Teachers for him.