Wednesday, August 04, 2010

"Give Him the Kick!"

That line from Inception has only a tangential relationship to the content of this post. But I've kind of become obsessed with the concept of the "kick" -- some metaphysical whatever that lets you zoom up through multiple realities back to consciousness. ...Okay, mostly it's just when I'm, like, on an escalator and I can say "let's ride the kick up to the surface." Dork.

Anyway! My real point to being here is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt, sayer of that titular line in the movie, is really attractive. Somebody needs to hand him a Degree of Difficulty award for remaining hot despite several usually-debilitating obstacles, such as:

glowering through one's eyebrows...

...showing off bloody arm gashes procured while preparing for a role as a bike messenger...

...sporting tighty-whities, an obnoxious hipster tattoo, and hair that looks like it never even heard stories about showers as a child, for his upcoming movie Hesher.

I'd still do him in all three circumstances. That's goddamned impressive. This post has remarkably few reasons to exist.


Melissa said...

There is never a reason required for JGL gratuitousness. YUM.

The Bloody Munchkin said...

I saw those bike pictures on a different site and my first reaction was "I'd still take him bloody."

Mich said...

Totally agreed. For me he absolutely stole that movie, no small feat.