Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Children's Treasury of Fake Inception Trailers

I made mention of this on Twitter last week, and it's just as true today: I will never get rid of Inception trailer parodies on the internet. Much like pornography and cat videos, the internet has an endless supply of Inception parodies, and they're all worth watching at least once.

The first one I saw was this awfully clever one starring a live-action Dora the Explorer:

Points for Dora's cute friend and for "Can you say BURRRRRRR?" Minus points for the reductive "this is so confusing!" angle.

Next was this mashup with Toy Story 3:

This one gets points for slowing things down for that stuffing-floating-in-the-air effect, not to mention for pairing the summer's two zeitgeistiest films.

Staying on the Pixar tip, though not quite as clever as the TS3 clip, were parodies of Up and Monsters, Inc.

And then the live-action movies wanted in: Jurassic Park! Gangs of New York! Titanic! Willy Wonka! Even The Dark Knight, pulling the circle to a close.

Yesterday, I found my favorite one of all: Dumb and Dumber, Inception-style.

We all knew this movie was lurking just beneath that dunderheaded surface. It's just too bad Lauren Holly couldn't score a credit. The lady could use something.

Anyway, which one does it best for you? And how much do you wish Ellen Page would shut up about that damned work placement?

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JA said...

I just read an article earlier today about an upcoming horror movie that stars Lauren Holly and I was all, holy crap Lauren Holly, but then I apparently forgot the entire ordeal because I have no idea where I read it or what the movie was now that I'm talking about it just a few hours later, the end.