Monday, July 26, 2010

Trailer Trash: Here Comes the Fall

I haven't done one of these posts in a while, but now that the clips for the crop of fall (i.e. good) movies are coming out rapid-fire, I'm psyched to dive back in again:

You know, I had just gotten over my combination Stockholm Syndrome/Lucy Van Pelt thing with M. Night Shyamalan. By all rights, The Village should have been it for me, but only with The Last Airbender did I finally learn my lesson and just stayed away. Devil is only produced (and based on a story) by Shyamalan, which I guess is enough for me to fool myself into thinking that yet another promising-looking Shyamalan trailer is going to turn out okay. But come on, who could resist such a simple premise: five people stuck in an elevator, one of whom is apparently the devil. Sounds like it's worth a look, right?

Going the Distance
So...I've gone through my whole "I like Justin Long and fuck all y'all" spiel, right? And the "I kinda like Drew Barrymore most of the time and I don't want to hear it" spiel? Okay, well: those two. I am forever on the hunt for a good romantic comedy, and I've had quite a dry spell. Other reasons to hope that this is elevated beyond the usual dreck: 1) Director Nanette Burstein helmed the teen doc American Teen, which I loved (I still love you, Mitch Reinholt!); 2) Christina Applegate, Charlie Day, Jim Gaffigan, Kelli Garner, and Jason Sudekis in the supporting cast. It's tough to tell whether a rom-com trailer is successful. Basically, you want it to sell the chemistry of the leads (check) and not give away all the best parts (remains to be seen, though that Gaffigan-at-the-table reveal is going to be hard to top). I'm in, y'all. I saw Leap Year -- I need a success this year.

The Social Network
This one had all the internet abuzz two weeks ago, and with good reason. From the initial audio-snippets-only teaser to this clip featuring that choral version of Radiohead's "Creep," the promotional campaign for this movie has been full of creativity, energy, and the swagger of a movie that aspires to be an event. And for a movie that's an action free tale of, essentially, the behind-the-screens squabbles of a web site, that takes some balls. Fortunately, I have faith that David Fincher has those balls. From the looks of the trailer, the film boasts the kind of swagger only possessed by Ivy League douches making fists full of cash. You can sense that, beyond the nuts and bolts of the story, Fincher (and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin) are out to tell a story of American ambition and the tyranny of the Ivy League douche. I don't entirely trust Sorkin on this front, which is keeping me somewhat reticent, but at worst, this movie ends up being the evolutionary Shattered Glass, delivered with more visual panache, Jesse Eisenberg playing against type, Andrew Garfield continuing his breakout year, and Justin Timberlake returning to his unfortunate N Sync hair in service to an auteur. Sign me the hell up.

The Adjustment Bureau
Had I not been in Union Square one day when they were filming this movie, it'd have likely slid off my radar entirely. Have you all been hearing a lot about this and keeping it from me? Anyway, the director is kind of a wild card -- he wrote The Bourne Ultimatum (good) and Ocean's Twelve (not good, but that wasn't the script's fault) but this is his directorial debut -- and Phillip K. Dick adaptations have been hit and miss, but this trailer has me excited. It's something of a risky proposition to hang a sci-fi pic on a romantic storyline (even Christopher Nolan didn't lean as heavily on DiCaprio/Cotillard in Inception), but even in a short trailer, I'm buying Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. Add to that a few tantalizing glimpses of Terrence Stamp and John Slattery as fedora-clad observers (kind of like less creepy Dark City people), plus that score from Sunshine that I finally nailed down, and I've got a brand new movie to obsess about ... until March, which is when it's been pushed back to. Probably good strategy (the buzz is clearly elsewhere this year), but still: DAMN IT.

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Katie said...

I've not heard a peep about the Adjustment Bureau but I want to see it so badly I can almost taste it now!!