Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ew, Kaylee, No

"Goin' on a year now I ain't had nothin' twixt my nethers weren't run on batteries!"

Thanks to The Rotten Tomatoes Show for reminding me of this godawful line from Serenity. I liked Firefly quite a bit while it lasted, and watching Serenity again a few months ago I was reminded that, while I thought the die-hard fans overrated it, it had some amazing action sequences and a killer last half-hour. But that line is a mess, y'all. The kind that will make you embarrassed for having ever liked a show in the first place.


Jeff Hansen said...

Serenity has WAAAAAAY too much Summer Glau for my tastes.

And too much Jewel Staite talking about her nethers and not enough showing them. /creep

Mertseger said...

I respectfully disagree with the OP. It's one of the more memorable Serenity lines, and it encapsulates Kaylee's engineering personality. The very fact that Whedon attempted a linguistic universe combining American hick, technobable and Chinese scatology is a testament to his cockiness and strength as a writer. I'm happy when he's swinging for the bleachers in such a fashion, and I call this particular line a solid hit, not a swish.

Neel Mehta said...

Hadn't dwelled much on this line before. It's quite possibly contrived, but Adam Baldwin's reaction makes it worthwhile.

Kirk Hamilton said...

Mal: "Oh God, I can't know that!"

Jayne: "I could stand to hear a little more."

I dunno, it kinda cracked me up the first time I saw it, if only for the great reaction shot of Mal. It was kinda out of left field though, even for a perma-outfielder like Kaylee.

Tangentially related thing I've been realizing lately - I love Firefly, but more than most shows, I think of it more as a whole than as any of its specific episodes. I miss the vibe, the sets, the characters, some specific conversations and scenes... but when I re-watch it (which I've been doing a bit lately), a given episode rarely works as well as the idea of the show that's in my head.

Part of the show's complicated relationship with nostalgia, perhaps...

Anonymous said...

I don't mind the line and I love the reactions to it.

Anonymous said...

I kind of thought it was hilarious. And it totally falls in line with her character as it was in the episode "out of gas" when she first meets Mal. And it kind of emphasizes how she begins to be seen as less of that character and more of the asexual mechanic the longer she spends in the crew. :)