Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Best of Buffy: Readers' Choice (Part 2)

It's your top 15 episodes, y'all. And may I say? Nice job.

#15. The Prom

#14. Earshot
Season 3, Episode 18
Written by: Jane Espenson
A really excellent episode, and one that I'm sad couldn't make my own list. Beyond all that Columbine controversy (controversy that, not shockingly, doesn't hold up to even light scrutiny), it might be the one Espenson ep where the comedy (which is great, as Buffy hears throughts she'd rather she didn't -- Giles had sex with her mom!) is outshone by the drama (the scene with Buffy and Jonathan in the bell tower is really affecting).

#13. Band Candy
Season 3, Episode 6
Written by: Jane Espenson
I think the lesson of this Readers' Choice thing is that y'all looooove Jane Espenson. And with good reason! This episode really feels like a Season 2 story, for some reason. Ethan Rayne's back again, this time enchanting the candy being sold to raise funds for the band so the adults in Sunnydale start behaving like teenagers. Which means Giles reverts to his street punk days, Joyce is kind of a willful ditz, and Principal Snyder is deeply awesome.

#12. Prophecy Girl

#11. The Wish

#10. Restless

#9. Passion

#8. Doppelgangland

#7. Innocence

#6. The Gift

#5. Graduation Day, Part 2

#4. Becoming, Part 2

#3. The Body

#2. Once More, With Feeling

#1. Hush


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these lists. The last season left a bad taste in my mouth, but you've helped remind me why I used to like this show so very much. If only I could convince my cynical girlfriend to watch it with me.

JA said...

We have awesome taste.

Melissa said...

Now THIS is an excellent list! Bravo!

Elle_P said...

Absolutely loving these Buffy Lists!

Joe, are you keeping up with the Onions AV Club Buffy retrospective? Noel Murray is watching the series for the first time and recapping a couple of eps a week... the 'project' started a couple of years ago, and he's up to season 5 (and mixing in Angel S2). Its fun reading him unravel the marvels of Buffy and his excitement; its opening up some interesting discussions and prompted me to dust off the DVDs and watch along (and resisting the urge to jump ahead).

Anyway, interesting reads. Last couple of weeks seem to have reignited my long dormant Buffy love, and it seems Im not alone!

Anonymous said...

An interesting list. And it’s always about the same trick: 1-3 season it's about a fairy tale, 6-7 it's about the real life. Obviously, some prefer Buffy high school time, some Buffy adult time.