Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Week in TV (So Far)

Glee (5/4)
Yeah, not my favorite, this episode. It all felt disjointed and kind of pointless. Also, anything worth salvaging from the great guilty pleasures from the '80s and '90s has already been salvaged. Leaving us with a limp, inconsequential "U Can't Touch This," and the dispiriting re-occurrence of Rappin' Will Shuster. Also, what was the point of that Sue subplot other than to accommodate Olivia Newton-John? Also also? If you're going to make the whole episode retroactively about how Quinn feels like she's lost her grip on her old power, maybe instead just make the episode actually about her. A meandering episode of Glee can be redeemed by great performances, but besides "Total Eclipse of the Heart," this didn't have any.

[That said, thanks to Sling for the screencap above, which elevates the episode by half a letter grade at least.]

United States of Tara (5/3)
Unlike Glee, every episode -- every moment -- of this season has propelled the season forward. Max and Marshall were both, quite understandably, at the ends of their ropes, with Marshall delivering a blistering takedown of Courtney, and then his whole family. He's the greatest. And...I think they're really going to hook him up with that hottie neighbor gay. Department of Dream High School Years, this floor!

Nurse Jackie (5/3)

Um, so...are we supposed to like Eddie? I can't be the only one who deeply hates him, right? And yet sometimes I feel like the show wants Jackie to end up with him. This episode had some of my least favorite elements re-surface -- cartoonishly face-pulling Akalitus; Cooper's boob-grabbing tic -- but I am totally into the O'Hara plotline, with Julie Ormond doing pretty great playing a very thin gloss on Lara Logan. And Zooey doing the secret agent thing was a scream.

The Amazing Race (5/3)
Happy the cops are gone. And I know Dan was an incredibly spazzy ball of anger in the Shanghai cab, but I still kind of adore Jordan, and I'm certainly not going to root for Brent and The Iraq. As for the cowboys...uncle. They seem nice and funny and dumb as rocks personable. And they revealed themselves as secret (if butterfaced) hotties when they had to take their shirts off recently. But...well that's my point, kind of. They've got the world on a string already. The show gave them their own theme music! What do they need the million for?


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

But Lea Michele is still so goddamn hot...(god I sound shallow) and Rachel's deception was diabolically delicious...oooh look, alliteration.

Kirk Hamilton said...

Wow, I hated that episode of Glee. The music was garbage, the writing was bizarre and I felt like they're already starting to overdo it with Brittany. Yeesh.

It was totally THAT episode, the one that plays when you finally talk your hesitant friend into watching the show. "It's clever and fun," you say, "and some of the music really kicks ass!" And then ten minutes in it's Vanilla Ice and painfully unfunny Law and Order jokes and dammit.

I bet some new characters (and some time with them) could really give things a boost, though. Also, Adam Anders needs some more support with the music, because it appears that coming up with five great musical arrangements every week is as hard to do as you'd think.

Chanie said...

Just watched Glee, and I mostly agree with your comments. I just wanted to say: did you notice Melissa, SYTYCD's ballerina, in the ballet scene? She's the one who pushes Jesse back at one point.

Hellcat13 said...

Nathan from last season of SYTYCD was in the Sue Sylvester Vogue video as one of the back up dancers, too.

Joe Reid said...

Andrew: Given my extended remix on why Jonathan Groff should be my boyfriend, I can hardly begrudge you a little Lea Michele shallowness.

Kirk: I'm actually surprised I wasn't showing this episode to one of the uninitiated this week because it was totally THAT episode.

Chanie/Hellcat: I didn't catch Melissa. I'm totally bad at spotting the SYTYCD kids unless prompted. Even Nathan, who could not have been more front-and-center in "Vogue," escaped my notice until someone told me. (I...uh...thought he was Other Asian.) I did, however, see Mark Kanemura on "Idol" last night, but I was looking for him since I knew he toured with Gaga.

Chanie said...

Funny how I comment on spotting Melissa when I miss them all. I missed Nathan (but I probably thought he was Other Asian (does he have a name?) too) and I haven't watched Mark on Idol yet, but I probably would have missed him too...

Wade said...

Joe, I totally agree that they should have made the episode about Quinn. They haven't even addressed where she's living! She got kicked out of her parents' house, and after last week, she clearly isn't living with Finn anymore.

I read an interview with Ryan Murphy where he said they tried to tone down the baby drama in this batch of episodes, but at this point, they're ignoring her entire character arc.

Joe Reid said...

Right! I could take or leave the baby drama, but they've got this excellent character just going to waste.

Jon said...

I thought last week's Glee was the most polarizing ever, but this week's is just as bad. It seems like the people who hated last week enjoyed this week, and the same in reverse. For me, while I enjoyed a return to the crackheaded spazziness of some of the earlier episodes, very few of the individual spastic parts appealed to me very much.

(Although the "Run Joey Run" video is epic."

Anonymous said...

Since people are pointing out SYTYCD alums, Brandon is actually in Sue's physical video (with Newton-John). He's soooo hot even with his weird face, but too bad they don't focus on the dancers more....:(
, I actually love it because it combines real emotions with quirky humor and mostly good song choices.....BUT

Aristophanes said...

I know your readers are going to be generally compelled to respond to your thoughts on Glee, but I just wanted to thank you for your comments on Nurse Jackie. It has such great potential, but I regularly find myself sitting there thinking "What they think this show is about is wrong." It seems like the writers love the stuff that I'm barely tolerating (primarily Eddie, Akilitus, and about half the time Coop).

If we could focus on Jackie on the job, and on the great characters of Zooey, O'Hara, and Jackie's kids, we could have a really great show on our hands.