Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Have Two Months

...to convince someone I know to see this with me.

And to get drunk enough to experience it the way God intended. Hudgens! Mary-Kate! NPH! "She's very into roses!" This has the potential to be THE GREATEST.

[EDIT: Looks like I've got a good deal more time to prepare. Still. Clear your calendars for 2011!]


Jamie said...

If we lived in the same city, I'd do shots with you and go see this!

Janessa said...

I cannot wait to see this, but I think I'll also have to get someone drunk and drag them.

Robert Hamer said...

This is it. The Academy Award winner for Best Picture of 2011.

Anonymous said...

All it needs is NPH singing "Be Our Guest" to be gay heaven.

jessica said...

Wow. I had never heard of this until this moment and I'm so totally seeing it.

BeRightBack said...

This could only be better if it were a series on the CW.