Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Week in TV

Party Down (4/23)
So happy to have this comedy back, and that it's once again streaming on Netflix. Not exactly the funniest episode of all time to return with, but I love any time Kyle can frustrate Roman with his effortless ability to bag chicks. As for the Mullally-Lynch swap, I miss Jane of course, but Megan really cracked me up with that hand-on-the-hip "signal."

Community (4/22)
Absolutely the best episode of the season so far, and it's been a pretty great season. It's funny, I thought I'd been getting sick of the heavy layer of pop-cult winking surrounding the Abed character, but this episode -- an extended riff on Goodfellas, with some Godfather and 16 Candles thrown in to taste -- is all about that pop-cult winking, and I couldn't get enough. Probably because the Goodfellas stuff was so pitch-perfect, and because it played as the central plot and not anything tacked on, and because it fed into one of my favorite recurring plot types, the Jeff Gets Taken Down a Peg story. Plus Troy got a monkey and named it Annie's Boobs, and Pierce coined "Streets Ahead," which, if you have to ask, only means you're Streets Behind.

Survivor (4/22)
Man, after growing from fairly indifferent towards JT to actively hostile as he proved himself to be arrogant, dismissive, and incredibly stupid, it was incredibly gratifying to see him get soundly thumped by both karma and the editors. Karma came in the form of Russell and (most impressively) Parvati, who played him in pretty much every way he could have been played. Parvati made an especially gutsy move by using both of her idols on Jerri and Sandra, essentially leaving herself open as the only member of her faction who could have been voted out. But she guessed right, and JT (and Russell too, kinda) got the surprise of a lifetime. As for the editors, I could kiss them, as they included pretty much every clip of JT acting like a condescending snot about how Russell "obviously" wasn't lying to him, Rupert was clearly paranoid, and women are just not to be trusted. Douche.

The Real Housewives of New York City (4/22)
That whole opening sequence with Jill's dog and the hyperness and the pooping pretty much illustrates every reason why I will never have a dog. I know, I know, there are breeds that are calmer, and everything seems more aawful with Jill around, but still. In other news, Sonia really freaks me out and maybe needs to curb her nonstop monologue about how "What am I supposed to dry up and die now that I'm a certain age?" Totally not, Sonia, just don't tell me about it. Also, I hope you all saw the scenes for the rest of the season? LuAnn's single is poised to be the hot hit of the summer!

United States of Tara (4/19)
This season just keep humming along. Marshall's post-coming out life remains satisfyingly complicated, and while I'm frustrated that Charmane is ultimately doing to throw gorgeous, successful, kind Nick overboard for schlumpy Neil, it's giving her some good notes to play. Personal growth, whatever. Best of all, Shoshana Schoenbaum might be my favorite alter yet. And whatever weirdo mental machination's Tara has to perform to convince herself Shoshana's advice is valuable, I can't wait to find out what the secret of that cabin is.

Nurse Jackie (4/19)
This season has definitely picked up the pace, with Zoey pregnant and O'Hara suddenly a cheating lesbian. And though I loved her just fine last season, they've really tightened up the Akalitus character and haven't put her in any goofy comic relief subplots this season. And much as I hate Eddie, the fact that Jackie is stepping out with him again should push the plot along nicely.

Damages (4/19)
I've always been a good couple episodes behind the pace on this show all season, so I haven't written about it much. It was a good enough season, I suppose, though I ultimately never really connected to the Tobin stuff. Patty didn't really have a lot of stake in many of the plots this season, and the vendetta against Michael's baby mama felt minor, not something that would ultimately lead to the car crash. If this is the last of the series, I'll miss Rose Byrne's Ellen most of all. It was her story I was most interested in.

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