Monday, April 19, 2010


It bugged me all the way through the latter half of Kick-Ass. Gnawed at the back of my brain. This happens whenever I hear a piece of music score that I know I've heard somewhere else before. If I can't place it right away, I have to seriously place my mind in sense-memory mode and basically try to trance myself into remembering when I first heard it.

So it was during one of the big action scenes in Kick-Ass, where the music on the soundtrack not only reminded me of a movie I'd seen but also a trailer that used this same music that I also couldn't remember. Ain't that some shit?

I eventually remembered that the trailer in question was the one for Amelia, and a trip to Google and a serendipitous updating of the Kick-Ass wikipedia page ultimately gave me the answer: Sunshine! The Danny Boyle "let's got into space and ignite the sun!" adventure.

What is it about this movie? I love so many things about it -- the score, the visuals, the actors. I think I love everything but the story, which always ends up disappointing me. Regardless, it's been re-inserting itself into my life lately. I'll catch it late night on cable, or I'll realize that that weird temple guy from Lost played the captain here. Now I've been moved to download the soundtrack to the movie, which seriously, give it a listen. John Murphy (who also did the scores for Boyle's 28 Days Later and its subsequent sequel) needs to be a much more famous composer.



symbot said...

I was a huge fan of Sunshine. Its slow rhythms and gradual escalation was sublime at the beginning, and its visuals blew me away. The radical change in tone -- from space ballet to monster movie -- is polarizing, I know, but I think it was a gutsy move, and it's redeemed by the fact that there's a sudden return to that previous meditative tone right at the end.

Danny Boyle knows how to work that directors' chair yo.

jessica said...

I am a huge fan of movie scores. I find they are the absolute best music to write to, because they set a mood and don't distract me with lyrics. I'll have to check this one out.

Claire said...

I LOVE Sunshine and I can never quite explain why, and I think you may have hit it here with the fact that the story is sort of weak. But I don't think it was ever supposed to be the most thrilling part of the movie.

I had no idea that the captain was in Lost! Sunshine is like the biggest "Hey it's that guy!" movie ever (well, that's Stardust, but this one is a close second) in that everyone from it will pop up in random places.

(May I ask where you found the soundtrack? It's not coming up on itunes)

Joe Reid said...

Do an "artist" search in iTunes for John Murphy. That's what did it for me.

Adam807 said...

I love Sunshine too!

That British crippled model show apparently couldn't afford its own score so they kept using 28 Days Later. It was very odd, and maybe not the tone they were going for.