Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The One Where Joe Paid Money to See Constantine Maroulis

Yes, I saw Rock of Ages on Broadway. Two reasons. One, it was a totally cheap ticket. And two, my significant other, Kerry Butler, stepped into the role of the female lead. And if I'm being honest, the first half-hour or so, I wasn't entirely having it. I wasn't seeing the charm. Obviously, it wasn't going to be much of a story -- though, seriously, "not much of a story" is significantly overstating the case -- and would have to rely on the '80s rock-drenched jukebox soundtrack and the enthusiasm of the cast. But everything seemed so manic! Desperate. "We're being crazy '80s rockers but we're in on the joke WINK WINK WINK WHITESNAKE!"

But it all started to come together, if not immediately upon Kerry Butler's introduction than certainly by the time James Carpinello takes the stage as gaudy lead-singer stereotype Stacee Jaxx. If I'm going to pick one performance for best in show, it'd be Carpinello (though strong consideration would have to be given to Butler, Tom Lenk, and the tireless Mitchell Jarvis, whose nonstop vamping grew on me exponentially).

And did we know James Carpinello is also known as Amy Acker's husband?? What a talented and smoking hot pair they make!

Ultimately, it's a good two dozen songs of the very best guilty-pleasure vintage, carried by some tireless and appealing performers. Well worth a $30 ticket.


JA said...

Yay I'm glad to hear that Amy Acker has a worthy partner. Otherwise, what's the effing point?

Tom said...

I've been trying to convince my GF to go to this by saying it'd be kinda like Moulin Rouge. Sadly, she doesn't share my love of power ballads.

Juliet said...

I love Amy Acker more than practically anything, and I'm glad she found what seems like a good-enough-for-her-at-least-to-the-extent-that-any-human-could-be-good-enough-for-Amy-Acker kind of guy.

Still getting over the fact that Alexis Denisov and Allyson Hannigan are married, but in a good way.