Wednesday, March 03, 2010

"Lost" 6.5, "Sundown"

I haven't been blogging every episode of Lost this season, partly because I DIDN'T PROMISE YA NOTHIN' AND HAD OTHER THINGS TO DO, but also because I haven't really been all that jazzed about the last few episodes. And since I ran down the laundry list of my issues with the season thus far after the Kate episode, I wasn't really moved to repeat myself.

But last night's episode I very much enjoyed. Which was not a slam-dunk for me, considering it was a Sayid episode, and between the mooning over Nadia and the repetitive pounding on the same theme (redemption! violence! repeat!) and Zzzzzz... But I guess all I needed was for Sayid to die and then get resurrected with a possibly evil entity where his soul used to be, because I was pretty much down for this episode.

As always, the side-flash storyline was the weak sister here -- more mooning over Nadia, more weird coincidences with the other Oceanic characters that still aren't adding up to much -- but I always like it when they don't pull back with Sayid, and him blowing Keamy away was pretty cool. This show has enough conflicted guys who we're supposed to believe are good people inside. I'm glad they seem to have given up the ghost on Sayid -- Temple Sayid maybe has an excuse because he's a ghola or whatever, but Alterna-Sayid is ultimately a bad guy. I'm glad the show is finally letting that be true.

But the biggest improvements -- and the most exciting storyline -- took place on the island, at the Temple. Yes, a big part of that is that, by the end, most of these useless temple folk were killed off, and Ilana, Ben, Sun, and Lapidus re-entered the fray. The plot has arrived at the place I think it should have been all along, and I'm happy. But also, the how of arriving at this place was pretty amazing to watch, from Sayid killenating Mopey Genghis Khan and Squirrelly Sol Starr, to Kate's wonderfully creepy/tense reunion with Claire, to Miles thankfully NOT DYING like I totally thought he was going to. And now most of the stupid temple people are dead! And Ben is back! And Sun and Jin ... okay, they're still dragging THAT out for far too long. But otherwise, the plot is back where I'm excited again.

I'm still confused as to what's going on with Kate on Team SmokeLock; clearly they know who she is, and whole side she's on. There's gotta be a reason they're letting her embed herself with them.

What did you guys thing? Anybody won back by last night's episode?


Jenny said...

Yes, I pretty much agree with everything you said. I like Evil Sayid; he's much more interesting. I was wondering where Sawyer and Jin were at the end there, when they showed Flocke's gang.

Speaking of Sawyer, when Miles said to Kate "So Sawyer sent you packing?" or whatever it was -- wouldn't he have said "Jim" instead of "Sawyer?" Miles had known him as Jim La Fleur for the last three years, basically. I guess he edited himself for Kate's benefit. Whatever.

JA said...

I was won over by the final fifteen minutes or so but before then, SNORE. I did love the Kate/Claire junk. What was her line? "It's not me who needs to be rescued"? Chills. I was so freaked out for Kate there at the end, but then they just let her tag along, which yeah, that was odd. But god I don't give a shit about Sayid and I hope they just make him slink off to the background and pop out whenever somebody needs to get tortured or he needs to lose a fight, because good grief he always loses every fight he's in. Useless.

Jenn said...

I always find Sayid's episodes kind of dull - don't know why - but like JA, I enjoyed the last 15 minutes a lot.

I don't get Claire being mad about Kate taking Aaron off the island. Wouldn't she be happy to know that he's safe?

Tracy said...

I was scared for Miles, too. When he was the only one of our guys standing in the courtyard when the shit hit the fan, I was convinced he was a goner.

jessica said...

Claire is crazypants now. She doesn't give a damn about safe. As far as she's concerned, Kate stole Aaron.

Tom said...

Re: Allowing Kate to join up. I think she already passed the test by killing someone for whatever reason. They seem to be back to that whole theme from before. Team Jacob (unfortunate name in retrospect) doesn't kill people. Team Esau does. Killing people seems to disqualify you from Team Jacob, which is why Ben tried to get Locke to kill his still-inexplicably-on-the-island father.