Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I Do Love Twitter Sometimes

I've mentioned before that I'm on Twitter as "joereid", right? So the other night, after painstakingly chopping garlic in preparation of sauteing a nice piece of chicken, I took my lament to Twitter and asked, "Where is Paul Sorvino to thin-slice my garlic when I really need him??" Because: Goodfellas! At which point my friend Adam sent me the link to a garlic press, and I responded wanting to know how bougie he thinks I am. SEE WHAT YOU ARE MISSING!

Anyway, so a day and a half later, I get the following reply from @PSorvinoFoods: "Just pick up a jar of Paul Sorvino's new pasta sauce!"

Obviously, this spamming happens on Twitter all the time. But much as I was delighted to learn that Vanna White had her own brand of yarn, Paul Sorvino pasta sauce is also something I'm happy to know exists in the world.


jessica said...

I am not, theoretically, missing this, because I follow. I often want to respond to some of your tweets on Idol and movies and whatnot, but then I stop myself because I am not very tweet savvy and also because I don't want to look/sound/be stupid.

Adam807 said...

I should really not be so behind on my reading if I'm going to be slandered in it...

It's a garlic press AND SLICER, and it's a wonderful too. It's not like I suggested you buy this: