Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Week in TV

Big Love (2/14)
God, Bill Henrickson is such a dick. And this episode saw that paternatistic dickishness reflected in the compounders (those monstrous sealings) and the more "legitimate" LDS leaders telling Dale to keep supressing his gayness. What a shattering final moment for poor Albie. I enjoyed Marilyn's scenes with Barb and Sarah -- even though they were manipulations, it's always nice to see Barb stiffen her spine. Also fine work by Grace Zabriskie (Lois dancing with Ben at the beginning was so sweet), Anne Dudek (Laura's vengeful wife act was tempered with real sadness), and Nicki's side ponytail.

The Amazing Race (2/14)
The race is back! And so are Jeff and Jordan! I still find my favorite Big Brother pair totally endearing and delightful. And I might even be leaning towards liking Miss Teen South Carolina, no small thanks to Gay Jordan and his excessively mean comments.

Survivor (2/11)
For a season that initially seemed dreadful due to how many of the heroes and villains I didn't care for, I am suddenly super excited for this all-star season. For one thing, I could not be rooting harder for Ms. Sandra Diaz-Twine. From removing Sugar's bra to busting Boston Rob's balls, that lady is all sorts of all right. Second of all, speaking of The Godfathuh, I am suddenly hugely into Boston Rob for the first time ever. Creating fire from nothing AND setting himself up in opposition to stupid Russell? I'm down with that. (P.S. I called Sugar as the first vote out from the moment I saw the cast list. Let's see if I can keep this going: Next out will be Randy (Villains) or Cirie (Heroes).

The Real World D.C. (2/10)
This season feels so retro! Storylines about coming out and body image and learning to respect each other's boundaries! Andrew was one yanked blanket away from earning an "It wasn't! Not! Funny!" award. But I have to say, I'm enjoying the (relative) emotional maturity of how most of these storylines are being resolved. Yes, it was fairly excruciating to watch Ashley and Erika go thirteen rounds of therapy-speak about how "You're not acknowledging my right to be heard" or whatever; but I liked how Erika was ultimately like, "We are not friends, but I owe you my courtesy and respect." Also? I know coming out stories are passe these days, but I'm fairly captivated by Mike's unfolding story. The "bisexual" weigh station between the closet and full gayness is a relatable struggle, and Mike is likeable and genuine enough that I'm rooting for him to make that transition. I'm sure this season is boring the hell out of viewers looking for drunken hookups and fighting, but I'm into how low-key it's been.


Monika said...

I watch Survivor and The Amazing Race . This two reality shows are very entertaining and challenging also. I watch them on Dish TV .

Jenn said...

I love that the first episode of The Amazing Race has already turned a race stereotype on its head: that the girly girls freak out about heights. I pegged Caite and Jordan as the two to freak out the most about a scary task, and they were the ones who got through it without any drama.

Agnes B said...

Re TAR: These are easily some of the least likeable gay contestants ever cast. I'm not loving that development, but am no less glad it's back.

Re Survivor: I really am digging this season so far.