Monday, February 08, 2010

The Week in TV (featuring LOST!)

America's Best Dance Crew (2/4)
So I have finally remembered to catch a season of ABDC at the beginning. I'm in. Here's the good news: awesomely entertaining dance crews, at least two of which I am already rooting for (Royal Flush and Saltare, if you're playing at home). The bad news: new judge Omarrion, whose smugness and self-regard are going to be huge impediments. And with Lil' Mama being loveable but nearly incomprehensible, that means JC Chasez is default my favorite judge. We'll see how this goes.

Parks and Recreation (2/4)
I'm not sure what I love more, DJ Roomba or April and her gay boyfriends.

30 Rock (2/4)
Jan Hooks as Jenna's mom! God, talk about pre-ordained by the universe. That storyline was a total winner (the tattoo of a mermaid doin' it with Captain Morgan), but I also have to give props to the Liz/Frank storyline that led to an unexpected little "Paranormal Activity" parody.

Project Runway (2/4)
It's official: the judges and I simply don't see eye-to-eye on Mila.

Lost (2/2)
So! That all happened! I made it until the day of the premiere before someone tweeted "speculation" that the detonation of Jughead would cause a parallel timeline to begin, And as annoying as it is to pretend you're guessing when you've really just read spoilers, I have no excuse for not thinking of it myself. It makes perfect sense, at least in theory. In practice, I'm not sure I'm ever going to really care about the 2004 offshoot universe where the plane doesn't crash and the island is underwater (though Boone being alive again is sure pretty nice). I've spent too much time with the Lostaways in the original timeline to see this version of them as anything but speculative boondoggling. At least thus far. But besides that, my only other mini-complaint is that we got OTHER Others -- I really thought we were past the point of needing a new group of unknowns whose motives and histories we have to inspect. Isn't there enough story with the people we have? Plus Claire is back ("CLEEEYAH!"), so shouldn't we be figuring out what her and Ghost Dad are up to? I mean, I'm sure we will. Otherwise, happy the show's back, rooting for Sawyer to make good on his promise to kill Jack, think Jacob's behind the reanimation of Sayid's corpse, and think Terry O'Quinn is knocking it out of the park as Smoke Monster Locke.

American Idol (2/3)
Without having to recap the show, I've really allowed my interest in the audition episodes to wane to an appropriately vague level. I'll watch, but it's not like I'm taking much in about the actual contestants. At least until Wednesday's episode. I still don't know their names, but that fragile girl who was singing for her best friend reminded me of Carly Smithson (in that I like her and feel I'll be yelling at her to pull it together all season), and the 16 y/o boy who sang "The Climb." They're my favorites so far.

Kell on Earth (2/1)
I'm recapping this show over at TWoP, pretty much solely because I loved Kelly Cutrone on The Hills and can't wait to see this even bigger glimpse of her lion's den of a workplace. The premiere started off reeeeeally slowly, but a couple characters (the gothy assistant, the frazzled junior editor, Kelly herself of course) really emerged as likeable people you want to see succeed, and by the end I was seriously FREAKING about whatever contrived Fashion Week emergency was left hanging over a cliff. I'm in.

RuPaul's Drag Race (2/1)
Oh no SHANGELA! Man, I loved Shangela, at least for the one hour she graced my TV screen. And while I do worry a smidge that the Season 2 contestants are there to bitch at/about each other first and celebrate each other/themselves/drag second, I'm just so happy to have this show back! RuPaul still has her finger exactly on the pulse of where this show needs to be, half-parody and half-celebration. Plus all those false eyelashes fluttering in the wind machine? Too, too funny. Team Pandora Boxx (for now)!


OleNelson said...

RE: Lost.

My sense is that this isn't just a throwaway, speculative 2004 timeline. Jack's weird neck blood, the Desmond appearance, that flicker of recognition between Jack and Kate -- all of these suggest that the two timelines are connected rather than distinct.

Yes, it would be annoying if it were just a game of "can you count the ways this version of their lives is different?" But I don't think this is where they're going.

Anonymous said...

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Karen said...

DJ Roomba!!

jessica said...

If Roomba doesn't come out with an iPod dock on their next model, they are FOOLS!

DuchessKitty said...

You took the words right out of my mouth concerning Omarion. He is such a smug prick. I don't even really know who he is (I'm 102), so I have a hard time understanding where he gets off giving some of the "constructive criticism" that he's smarmed at some of these kids. I'm right there with you with the Royal Flush love, but I'm not feeling Saltare. The jump rope thing is cool but I can't see how they'd adapt to the different styles/challenges.

Finally, how pissed am I that I missed last week's Parks & Rec. I need to know more about DJ Roomba!

jessica said...

Check Hulu, DutchessKitty.

Marshall1 said...

First time commentator, love the figure-skating live-talk! I always love 30 Rock, watching Liz read the names of the NuuFood cracks me up! I agree with you about Lost in the next article, this season doesn't work because it is less character driven. I never used to watch Lost, especially season 1, but I start to love the show more when it's about the characters and their struggles and developments.....