Thursday, February 04, 2010

Contemplating "Lost"

I haven't had a spare second to get into my thoughts on the final season premiere of Lost (except to say: OTHER Others? Really?). For now, though, I need to mention that the (super helpful) clip show that aired before the premiere did me a huge solid by including my very favorite reaction shot of the whole series, bar none. One that often sums up the audience's relationship to the show.

Right there with ya, Kate.


JA said...

GOLD! That is gold. Remind me what she's reacting to though.

Joe Reid said...

That was after Farraday showed up looking like this and explained (or "explained") how blowing up the bomb would re-set the timeline.

JA said...

Ha I love my comment on that post you just linked to, all WAH WAH ME ME ME. I'm so... me.

But the picture still delights.

Kirk Hamilton said...

Ha, yeah, that pic about sums it up. I skipped the clip show and regretted it - usually I'm pretty on top of what's going on in this show, but I spent half the premiere going "wait, who... when they... whaaa..."

Backwards in time, forwards in time, and now sideways in time. If Gwyneth shows up, I might lose it. But whatever, it's the last season, I'm in.

John O'Neil said...

I liked the season premiere, but felt the melodrama was pretty insufferable at times. Any time Sawyer has an emotion scene, I cringe.