Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Preulogy: Better Off Ted

There's not much I can say about it. But the writing is on the wall. At the rate ABC is burning off episodes, Better Off Ted is as good as cancelled. And rather than wag my finger at America for ignoring a bright and funny show, I'm just gonna say I'm bummed out and that you should at least watch tonight.

Also, Portia de Rossi gets all the love, and deservedly so because she's BRILL (gave her an imaginary Best Supporting Actress nomination, I did!). And I already posted on my serious crush on Jonathan Slavin. So instead, I'm just gonna give it up for the thus-far unheralded Andrea Anders. (I qualify that because she's gonna get another show and be huge.) She makes me laugh every time that annoying "Scrubs/Ted" ad shows up (which: no wonder the shows are driving viewers away, with annoying ads like that), and always gives 2-3 line readings every week that slay me. She plays the perfect "regular girl" with an un-showiness that makes her character's occasional slide into weirdo-town that much more surprising.

And now she's practically gone. IT'S YOUR FAULT, AMERICA!! AAAAHHH!! (sorry)


Jeff Hansen said...

She was also really really good on "Joey" and made me watch it much longer than I should have.

This show is so good that I want to punch people that don't watch it.

jessica said...


Josh said...

Andrea Anders is awesome. Like Jeff, she kept me watching Joey way longer than I should have. I hope she's not off the TV for too long.

MissRoyalTurkey said...

She was also great on The Class, another show that was gone too soon. A character like Nicole would normally annoy me, but she made her relatable and sympathetic.

By the way, I've been lurking a long time, love the blog!

Scott said...

How great was Veronica in the Key of Love last night?

jessica said...

I loved The Class! And I'm really hoping Better Off Ted takes a cue from HIMYM and maybe puts out a Veronica in the Key of Love CD?

Teev said...

What is it with this show? Is it too good? It shows up as great on a number of blogs I read and I think it is awesome so why isn't it getting any love from the masses? It makes me sad.