Wednesday, January 27, 2010

LowRes 2009 Movie Awards: Part 2, The Trailers

Have you guys heard I'm kind of into movie trailers? Yes, well, I am. I'm not saying the Academy should have this category at the Oscars, I'm just putting the question to you all: would you rather see the five best trailers played on Oscar night or Kate Husdon perform "Cinema Italiano" for the increasingly bullshit Best Song award? Right.

It was actually pretty each choosing this year's nominees for Best Trailer. Five clips just naturally rose to the top, either with innovation, style, music, or a product so irrepressibly lovely, its charms couldn't be contained.


500 Days of Summer

Not the full-length trailer, which I don't care for, but the teaser, which got the romantic/anti-romantic tone perfectly, kept the plot elusive, made its case based on the charms of its incredibly charming leads, and wrapped it all up in a Temper Trap song that hadn't yet been sullied by ABC's The Deep End.

A Single Man

It's everything the film is: stylish (sometimes overly so), obsessed with faces and eyes and lips and '60 fashions, equally obsessed with its actors as icons (notice how even the most briefly-appearing actors like Lee Pace and Ginnifer Goodwin get their marquee shots), scored gorgeously, and ultimately hypnotic.

Again, this is for the teaser trailer, not the more expansive (yet still quite good) trailer. As I did at the time, I love the guts to present the trailer without exposition, through voice-over or even much dialogue. Just images from the book, burned into the imaginations of fans. Plus the Smashing Pumpkins song was perfect.

Where the Wild Things Are
Just love at first sight. I think the common thread on all five of these trailers are how confident and un-focus-grouped they seem (and for tools of pure marketing, that's quite a feat). Wild Things went direct for the 20/30-something audience that grew up on the book, rather than try for some ideal "adult-friendly kids movie" pitch. They made Arcade Fire as integral to the film's pitch as Spike Jonze, accepting the risk of the dreaded "hipster" label, and the result was a clip that feels as emotional as the movie itself.

Whip It!
All the attitude and energy and rare warmth of the movie get boiled down to two and a half minutes of Weezer-scored perfection. No trailer got me more fired up to see a movie all year.


Stephanie said...

I swear, my boyfriend has been singing “Pork and Beans” since that trailer premiered. I’m still surprised that Whip It bombed: it was one of sharpest movies I saw all year. Plus, hot chicks on roller skates? What's not to love?!

BeRightBack said...

The Single Man trailer is great, and I hadn't seen it. Like watching the movie itself, and yet it doesn't give anything away.

The (500) Days of Summer trailer was marred by the announcer's bizarrely portentous tone of voice, though, which made it seem like a bait-and-switch zombie movie or something.

Joe Reid said...

See, I really liked the voice-over. It really helped set that off-kilter tone.

Couch Baron said...

I like that the A Single Man trailer also made sure to give us a look at Nick Hoult's pink angora sweater. That thing deserved separate billing.

Scott said...

Love, love the first four. If only more trailers (exquisitely) gave you a feel for the film instead of giving you a plot synopsis and a couple of guffaws.