Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Bad (and Extra Crispy) Death of Colonel Likken

You guys, if you're at all a fan of Pushing Daisies, Bryan Fuller, Kentucky Fried Chicken, or gleefully inventive death scenes, you NEED to head on over to My New Plaid Pants to check out the latest wrinkle in his (already pretty brilliant) Thursday's Ways Not to Die series.

My great friend (and greater enemy) Jason managed to bat his eyelashes at Mr. Fuller and convince him to participate in the series, commenting on some of the best death scenes of the two-year Daisies run. And this is only the first installment!

It's enough to make me believe in cosmic convergence, that Jason had already been posting about cool and inventive death scenes, and Fuller decided to make a show that was about (among other things, like pies and primary colors and singing and stuff) cool and inventive deaths, and Jason was already a fan of Bryan's from Wonderfalls, and now they're IN LOVE. Okay, not really. (YET!)

Anyway, run-don't-walk to MNPP to catch the first installment of Daisies' Ways Not To Die. You won't regret it.


JA said...

"YET!" being the operative exclamation here. But I do not bat my eyelashes. It's more like that time Anya did the ol' in-and-out finger motion to Xander when being coy about where they were going in front of Giles. COY.

Thanks for the shout-out!

Anonymous said...

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JA said...

I was a dump.

Joe Reid said...

Well, hell, now I have to keep that. Lest you sound crazy out of context.

Kirk Hamilton said...

Oh, wow. TWNTD + Daisies + Bryan Fuller... are you kidding me?

This really takes the cake.

Or, you know, the pie.