Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sandra Bullock: Human Being of the Year

Hey, sorry about the non-blogging this past week. Holiday internetting has never been my strong suit. I'll hopefully get back in the groove this week with some thoughts on the Indie Spirit nominations, The Road, 2012, and The Blind Side, which the above image (and the above bit o' hyperbole) come from.

And yes, I'm overdoing it with that headline, and no, strictly speaking I don't think Sandra Bullock is quite "Oscar-worthy" in The Blind Side. But she does yeoman's work lifting up a pretty crappy movie, and it's a delicious and magnetic star turn by an actress I like quite a bit, and honestly? I'm kind of rooting for her anyway. For the reasons I just stated and also because the Oscar snobs seem to be rallying against her, and I've decided to plant my flag firmly on the other side.

But while the Oscar nod may be in doubt (really, it's a stretch), one thing is certain: this chola is a LOCK for the EW year-end "Entertainers of the Year" list.

Over at The Critical Condition, Roommate Mark and I engaged in a bit of frivolous (i.e. serious) prognostication. We tend to do this quite a bit -- Mark won the Project Runway bet (damn you, Logan!), while we sit tied on The Amazing Race. Anyway, we wanted to see how closely we could guess the entertainers EW would fete this year. Head on over to The Critical Condition to see our picks. Honestly, give or take a couple, I think we're gonna rock this. Tell me Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift aren't making that list.

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StinkyLulu said...

Right now, I'm totally in the Sandy Bullock camp. I'm not much of a Bullock fan, but in a year when Carey Mulligan's basically competent performance is touted as one of the year's best...well.

Sandra Bullock gives one of the most surprising performances of the year thus far, and I too am hoping it earns her the nod. (Plus between this and The Proposal, she's "back" and raking in buckets of cash...)