Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Week in TV

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (11/5)
Time to start putting Brian Unger up in the pantheon of great Philly side characters, along with the McPoyles, The Waitress, Rickety Cricket, aand (my favorite) Artemis. The episode was pretty bulletproof from before the opening credits due to Charlie's "kitten mittens" pitch, but I also though Mac and Dennis held up their end with "dick towel" and the shot-gun/gun-shot. Not much for Dee this week, though since she's owned the bulk of this season, I can't hold anything against her.

Community (11/5)
Shirley just made me laugh so damn much this week -- blurting out Jeff's secret; saying she followed the wrong couple out of class. She makes a lot out of a little every time. And you know how much I love Eric Christian Olson and his tiny nipples, so that whole subplot was great, and it gave Pierce something funny to do, which has been a challenge.

30 Rock (11/5)
Better than most of the episodes this season, and Jack riding the subway was the absolute highlight. Though Kenneth seeing Jenna and screeching "Vampyr!" was also a winner. Also, I'm weirdly into this long-running backstory where Dot Com is striving to improve his station in life. I'm pulling for you, secretly gay Dot Com!

EDIT: I totally forgot to mention my other favorite moment, besides Jack's subway shenanigans: sending up Susan Boyle in the guise of Kathy Geiss. How incredibly perfect!

The Office (11/5)
Not sure why I was dissatisfied by this one, but I was. It's not that Michael and Dwight were made to look like petty jerks -- they should be petty jerks, in my opinion. Episodes like this are necessary to balance out the ones where we feel too sorry for them. So I was totally down with Pam punching Michael in the parking lot. And I liked a lot of the side gags (Toby coaching Pam; Ryan and his topless photos of Kelly at her desk), but in general I was less than satisfied.

Survivor (11/5)
Wow, so EVERYBODY is stupid this season. Awesome. Erik, John, and anybody even momentarily advocating voting out Monica played it all-time stupidly. No wonder Russell is probably gonna beat all these fools.

Parks and Recreation (11/5)
Excellent Ron Swanson showcase, though I was also partial to Andy and his odd jobs around town hall.

RW/RR Chllenge (11/4)
Man, Cohutta is the new world beater. You have to hope that this week starts a team-wide awakening where Derrick and Darrell realize that Johnny and Kenny plan to sit on their asses and waltz into the finals just because. I used to have a soft spot for Johnny, but his constant cycle of being an asshole and then acting all persecuted when he gets called on it has gotten beyond old.

Top Chef (11/4)
Even after, what, six seasons? All this time away from these people, and yet once they show up again for this all-star reunion show, it's like they never left. I still love Carla and Dale, I still am passionately in Tiffany's corner, I still cannot abide Richard Blaise, I still roll my eyes in amused exasperation at the Fabio/Stefan bromance. And I'll tell you what: Much as Ilan has revealed himself to be a total twat, I can't spend more than one minute watching Marcel without wanting to give him a swirlie. And worse. Some people ask for it, their whole lives, and he does.


Jenn said...

Re: "Top Chef": I never liked Tiffany, but in the reunion, she was exceedingly unannoying. I wonder if she's being more careful about how she presents herself on camera, or if she's actually lightened up a lot.

As for Marcel, I always felt bad for him during his season, but now I get the feeling that he got a favorable edit and he really was so annoying that everyone had a reason to hate him. Dude, get out of the bitter barn and play in the hay.

I think it's interesting that on the RW/RR Challenge, Derrick clearly hit Johnny and shoved Evan, but he wasn't kicked off. I think the producers find Johnny as annoying as I do. (Seriously, of all the people to "tar and feather," you choose Derrick? Really?)

JA said...

I watched 30 Rock this morning and haven't stopped giggling about "Vampyr!" all day.

Joe Reid said...

Jenn: I think, regarding Tiffany, it's a bit of both, plus the fact that I thought her bitchiness was a bit overstated on her season. I appreciate that she's owning it, regardless.